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Salud digestiva
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Better digestive
health starts with the
Digestive Investigator!

Better digestive health starts with the Digestive Investigator!

Stop motion sickness before it starts

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Take digestive issues off the menu

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Achieve digestive balance

These articles are provided to help you take charge of your digestive health.

Types of foods that cause digestive issues

Learn more about the foods that cause gas, pressure, bloating and other discomfort due to difficulty digesting.

The many benefits of probiotics

Learn more about probiotic benefits in the digestive system and how you can start incorporating probiotics into your life.

Get your fill of fiber

The availability of refined and processed foods can make increasing your fiber intake tough. Try these tips to get more fiber.

How Metamucil® works in your body

Metamucil® is the only leading fiber supplement brand that contains 100% natural psyllium husk - find out what that means and how it works.

Gas 101

Get the 411 on gas, what causes it and what you can do to reduce or prevent it.

Probiotics for kids

Probiotics aren't just for adults - it may also be the missing ingredient in completing your child's digestive health.

Probiotics: Get the facts

Find out why adding a high-quality probiotic can make a difference in your digestive health.

Are probiotics the new stress ball?

Scientists studying probiotics believe the friendly bacteria may help our bodies respond better to stress.

Probiotics: The right strain matters

Not all probiotics are alike. Find out how they are identified, and learn the differences and benefits between strains.

Probiotics and digestive health

Find out how probiotics complement the benefits of vitamins by boosting digestive health and supporting your immune health.

What is heartburn/acid ingestion?

Get the facts behind how heartburn and acid indigestion set in, and find out what foods cause it.

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is a common, yet unpleasant condition, but these tips can help you overcome its nauseating effects.

If probiotics are in my food, why take a supplement?

Read the scoop on good bacteria in your food and find out how probiotic supplements can help with digestive health.

Pepto Laboratory Presents: Digestive Symptom Relief

Indulge in the knowledge of Pepto's power to treat digestive symptoms due to overindulgence.

Prilosec OTC: How It Works

Prilosec OTC's active ingredient for fighting frequent heartburn sets it in a different class from other treatments.

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