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Calificación promedio de clientes para 8600 Hixson Pike, Hixson TN, 37343: 5 (1 calificaciones)
2 de enero de 2023
Professionalism at its best!!
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Calificación promedio de clientes para 6802 Lee Highway, Chattanooga TN, 37421: 1 (1 calificaciones)
23 de mayo de 2023
You ever wanted to seek medical help but also feel like you're in an argument with your abusive ex? Well, if so, then you have found the right place. I had two issues, both cropping up around the same time, one a little longer than the other, but both around a week. When asked, and I said "around a week" for one and then "around a week, but I think a little longer than the first, but both around a week," she started to fight with me that that was not useful information, they cant both be a week if one is longer, and when I tried to restate it with definite terms--since the word "about" was clearly too strong a concept--accused me of not wanting help. I had an ear infection that a round of antibiotics did not knock out, I have frequent infections and know the drops often work for me compared to oral. The canal was swollen and red--confirmed by a different person the next day-- and she said that she would not prescribe drops because it "wasn't that bad." I have had lots of experiences at Urgent Care places and often sing their praises, especially the NPs I have seen, but this person should not be allowed around people at all, much less in a professional medical setting. Anyone worried in the future, that providers name was [...] so if they are not your upcoming provider, it should be fine.
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CVS Walk-In Clinics near Hixson, Tennessee

MinuteClinics® in Hixson

Finding a walk-in clinic in Hixson is easy. There are 7 MinuteClinics® in the area, so you never have to travel far to get the medical support you require. Whether you are living on campus at The University Of Tennessee-Chattanooga, in the heart of the city, or out in the suburbs, safe, in-person care is accessible.When you have a minor illness like a stye or an ear infection, or a minor injury like a splinter or bug bite, MinuteClinic® can assist in your recovery. You will receive professional attention at a lower cost than a visit to Urgent Care in Hixson or a stay at Pulmonary Medical Center-Chttng. If you're not feeling well enough to come in, but still want professional attention, you can make a telehealth appointment.

Hixson Walk-in Clinics

Hixson natives enjoy seeing the area and its many highlights, but spending time hiking around Jason safe place can lead to injuries, from unpleasant blisters to poison ivy and assorted issues. A trip to our walk-in clinic in Hixson, Tennessee helps get you back to 100% and back to doing what you love, like enjoying all the city has to offer.Along with helping you care for minor illnesses and injuries, a local MinuteClinic gives you local access to immunizations, physicals, and wellness checks in Hixson.

Hixson MinuteClinic® Services

Book an appointment or stop in to a MinuteClinic® and take advantage of these services:

  • Get examined for symptoms of illnesses such as gout, heartburn, bronchitis, and more. A MinuteClinic® practitioner can diagnose your illness and help work out a treatment plan.
  • Get help recovering with remedies for minor injuries such as bug bite treatment, splinter removal, strain treatment, blister treatment, and more.
  • Find assistance controlling medical conditions with asthma monitoring, sleep apnea treatment, basic health screening, and more. You can also find out important info like BMI and blood pressure.
  • Find help with itchy, dry skin, and assorted minor skin conditions, such as sunburn treatment, lice treatment, rosacea treatment, and more by visiting a Hixson clinic.
  • Receive a pre-travel consultation for help discovering everything you need before hopping on a plane at Lovell, based on where you're going. Learn about zika treatment, motion sickness prevention, typhoid treatment, and other issues you may face while traveling internationally.
  • CVS can administer a slate of inoculations for the entire family-from children to adults. Common shots such as the meningitis vaccination, COVID-19 vaccine, and shingles vaccine are regularly available.
  • From ear wax removal to TB testing, sports physicals, mental health counseling, and more, CVS practitioners assist you in managing your health and preparing for college, sports leagues, and jobs.
  • A MinuteClinic® in Hixson can help you find essential women's services including human papillomavirus treatment, yeast infection treatment, urinary tract infection treatment, and more, for times when you cannot schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or OB/GYN.

A Hixson clinic is right around the corner to help meet your healthcare demands. Go to one of our 7 MinuteClinic® sites in the area to receive the care you need.

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