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Arctic Air Pure Chill - Enfriador de aire por evaporación


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Arctic Air Pure Chill - Enfriador de aire por evaporación
1 C/U, 2.73 lb. N.° de artículo: 206308
  • Helps purify, cool & humidify Air for Maximum Comfort
  • Hydro-Chill Technology Cools Down Hot Dry Air
  • UV Light Built-in
  • Filter – Helps Purify Air
  • Quick and Easy Fill Top Helps Prevent Spills
  • Can run up to 10 Hours Per Fill
  • LED Night Light Control
  • Adjustable 4 Speeds
  • Multi-Directional Air Vent
  • Quiet Operation
  • Ligero y portátil


71% of ABS (plastic parts), 24.5% of fan (metal and plastic and wire), 4.5% of PCB board
Press the fan button to turn Arctic Air® Pure Chill on - it will default to High speed mode. Use the air direction tab to adjust airflow up/down to your preference. Choose your light color by pressing button. You can choose between solid colors ort a color-cycle mode.


  • Do not carry Arctic Air® Pure Chill when filled with water. Some water may remain in unit even if tank is empty.
  • Use only clean water. If needed, use distilled water.
  • Please read and follow regular maintenance as recommended in ""Maintenance"" section of this guide.
  • Arctic Air® Pure Chill works best in non-polluted areas. Large dust/dirt particles may reduce lifetime of unit.
  • Before not using Arctic Air® Pure Chill for extended periods of time, empty the water tank, turn unit on, and set to highest fan speed for at least 4 hours. This will dry out then filter and inside of your unit.
  • Only use the original power adapter and cord supplied in package.
  • Do not touch the power supply or power cord with wet hands.
  • Unplug Arctic Air® Pure Chill when cleaning, removing/replacing filter, or moving the device.
  • For best results, place Arctic Air® Pure Chill on a higher surface like a table or countertop.
  • Do not place Arctic Air® Pure Chill near a heater or any electrical equipment.
  • Do not place the device in passageways or high traffic areas where there is a possibility of tripping or knocking it over.
  • Do not allow any foreign objects inside Arctic Air® Pure Chill.
  • Do not place items on top Arctic Air® Pure Chill.
  • Do not block the front and back grills of the device.
  • Do not turn the device upside down.
  • Do not submerge the Arctic Air® Pure Chill under water or other liquids.
  • Do not place Arctic Air® Pure Chill near open flames or fire sources.
  • People with limited physical, visual or mental abilities or lacking proper experience and/or knowledge should never use the device without supervision of those responsible for their safety or those capable of assistance in using the device.
  • The device can be switched off completely only when disconnected from the power supply.
  • The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility for any damage from failure to comply with this product guide.
  • A replaceable water filter is designed specifically for this product. If your cartridge has been broken or damaged, you can purchase a replacement.
  • We recommend use only in dry locations. If using in a moist area or environment, take care not to get water on external areas of the product.
  • If a leak or spill occurs on the surface of device, unplug Arctic Air® Pure Chill & let it dry for 24 hours. Then, use as normal.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
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Arctic Air Pure Chill - Enfriador de aire por evaporación