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Nuby - Vasos antiderrames con pico blando, 2 unidades
Nuby Soft Spout No-Spill Cups, 2 Pack
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Munchkin Fresh Food - Alimentador para bebé, 6 meses +
Munchkin Fresh Food - Alimentador para bebé, 6 meses +
$5.29 / c/u.
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Baby Dishes

As your child grows, it's important to make sure that they're starting to learn how to eat and drink on their own. Sippy cups, baby dishes and accessories can be helpful tools to teach your little one how to eat like an older child. You'll also find handy baby food storage options to help you preserve expensive baby food so you can avoid wasting it. From sippy cups and accessories to baby dishes and baby food storage, here are a few helpful tips about these helpful products.

Sippy Cups

Most sippy cups are made of plastic and include either a screw-on or snap-on lid with a spout. These small cups are a training tool to help children learn how to drink fluids on their own. Some sippy cups come with handles to make holding them easier. Look for products that are BPA-free for added safety. The purpose of sippy cups is to transition your baby from nursing or bottle-feeding over to a regular cup, and they can also help your child develop hand-to-mouth coordination.

Baby Utensils

Children six months of age or older will start being introduced to solid foods. Baby dishes and accessories can help to make it easier for little hands to eat their food using "adult-like" items. Baby spoons should have a very soft end so that they're gentle on little teeth while your child is still teething. All baby dishes should be completely shatterproof to avoid breakage and the potential for injury. Make sure that all of the baby dishes & accessories you purchase are dishwasher-safe so they're easy to clean and sanitize.

Baby Food Storage

Baby food storage products are the perfect solution for leftovers. Look for storage products that have a tight-sealing lid to keep air and bacteria out. Soft silicone trays can be filled with baby food and frozen for later use. Glass storage is a good choice since it's safer than many plastic products when it comes to leaving food inside for longer periods of time. Label each of your baby food storage containers so that you can easily identify what's inside when it's feeding time.

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