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Beauty 360 Curl-Boost Eyelash Curler

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Beauty 360 Curl-Boost Eyelash Curler
1 c/u, 08 lb. N.º de artículo 298173
  • Provides a curling effect on lashes without pulling or pinching
  • Curved shape conforms with the shape of your face
  • Large finger holes offer improved control
  • Multicolored design makes it easy to spot
  • Includes extra lash pad
  • Designed for use before mascara is applied

Prep your lashes for multiple coats of mascara with this Beauty 360 Curl Boost eyelash curler. The finger holes make it easy to grip as you hold it against your cheek, and the smooth hinge ensures effortless opening and closing as you squeeze it on your lashes for a pretty curling effect.

This eyelash curler from Beauty 360 is multicolored, making it easy to spot among your other essential beauty tools, and its compact size ensures it fits inside your cosmetic bag or home makeup organizer.

If you're not sure how to curl eyelashes, it's a fairly simple process. Open the curler, and hold it at the base of your upper lashes. Then, squeeze the curler closed and keep it that way for 5-10 seconds. Next, open the curler and move it about halfway up your lashes and repeat the squeezing process. Apply mascara as the final step. Clean the eyelash curler in between uses with a cotton pad with alcohol.

Curl-Boost Eyelash Curler, Always curl lashes before applying mascara. Center open curler near base of lashes and gently squeeze handles. Use cotton pad with alcohol to clean after use. Replace lash pad when worn to extend life of curler.


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