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Beauty 360 Elegant LED Tweezer

Beauty 360 Elegant LED Tweezer
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Beauty 360 Elegant LED Tweezer
1 c/u, 65 lb. N.º de artículo 289949
These stainless steel tweezers have a convenient built-in LED light to illuminate your skin, so precision tweezing has never been easier. The easy-hold tweezer design allows for maximum comfort and control while the perfectly aligned tips effortlessly grab hairs. it's the ideal tool for meticulous shaping.
Instrucciones de uso:
For best results, apply a damp, warm washcloth to brows to open pores. LED light can be turned on by pushing the button once and turned off by pushing the button again. Position tweezers comfortably in hand and grasp a single strand of hair as close to the base as possible. Gently pull out in the direction in which the hair grows.


Tips are sharp. Handle with care.
Keep out of each of children. Do night shine light directly in eyes. When replacing batteries, do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix Alkaline, Silver Oxide, or other types of batteries. If batteries are swallowed, call a physician immediately. Always insert batteries in the proper polarity direction. Dispose of batteries properly.
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