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Cleansing is an important part of skin care for your face, hands, and body. Washing with the right cleanser can remove impurities that cause skin irritation and germs that spread illness. Whatever your skin type and preferences, CVS is sure to have the perfect soap for your needs within this huge selection of products. You can shop the entire range of soaps or narrow down the options and browse by brand, form, concern, benefit, and more. Complete your purchase online and have it conveniently shipped to your home.

Facial Soaps and Washes

Your face has unique needs when it comes to skin care. Conventional soaps may be too harsh for facial skin. As a result, many people prefer to use cleansers that are formulated specifically for washing their faces. Facial soaps include bars that must be moistened with water to lather and liquids that are simple to dispense.

Cleansing from Head to Toe

In the tub or shower, body soap is the perfect solution for cleansing every inch of your skin. Like facial soap, body soap is available as bars and as body wash. Some body wash products can also be used as shampoo to remove impurities from your hair. As you shop for both facial and body soap, you'll find products that are formulated especially for men or for women as well as options that are suitable for both genders. Children's soaps and body washes are also available. These products typically contain mild ingredients that are gentle to kids' delicate skin.

Soaps for Hand Washing

Washing your hands frequently can reduce your risk of contracting illnesses like the common cold and the flu. For hand washing, the CDC recommends that soap be used to remove impurities and kill germs, Hand soaps that come in pump bottles make it easy to dispense soap at the sink. antibacterial soap is also an option. Soaps can be offered with natural scents, such as, lavender soap. Some manufacturers offer large bottles of hand soap that can be used to refill dispensers.

Considering Your Skin Care Needs

When you're shopping for body or facial soap, it's important to keep your skin care needs in mind. Often, products are formulated specifically for one type of skin, such as moisturizing hand soap for oily or dry sink. For sensitive skin, you can look for hypoallergenic products that contain gentle ingredients. Individuals with skin care concerns like acne or eczema can find soaps formulated specifically to address their dermatological problems. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the benefits of any of the soaps in this selection.