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Cosmetic Cotton

You're probably wondering, how is cotton "cosmetic"? Well, the answer is simple - it can be used to take off your cosmetics! Cotton balls, cotton swabs, and cotton pads are secret weapons that not many utilize in their beauty routine. They can be used to remove nail polish, correct any makeup mistakes, and even take off makeup. Their uses are nearly endless and their prices are unbeatable, so stock up on cosmetic cotton from CVS today!

Bolas de algodón

Cotton balls come in a variety of sizes. Taking your nail polish off could not be any easier with cotton balls. Soak the cotton ball in your favorite nail polish remover and your nail polish will swipe right off. If you're wondering how to take off gel polish, rip off a piece of a cotton ball, soak it in acetona, place it on your nail, and wrap your nail in aluminum foil! Leave your nails wrapped for a few minutes while the acetone softens up the gel and causes it to lift from your nail! Cotton balls are also great to bring into your skin care routine. Sometimes, the oils of your fingers can cause breakouts when you touch your face. Apply face serum, moisturizer, and face oil with cotton balls instead of using your fingers! Using cotton balls in your skin care routine also prevents you from using too much product - as it soaks up the excess.


You know what's annoying? Spending an hour painting your nails to realize, when you're finally done, that you need to go back to kindergarten to practice coloring inside the lines. Luckily, you can use cotton swabs to correct nail polish mistakes! Clean up your pintura de uñas by dipping your cotton swab in polish remover and wiping away the nail polish on the skin around your nails. Cotton swabs can also be used to fix your makeup. Dip your q - tip in liquid makeup remover and sharpen up your winged eyeliner or wipe away mascara that transferred onto your eyelids. You can even use cotton swabs to apply eyeshadow! The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to cotton swabs.

Cotton Pads

As you probably know, makeup remover wipes can get expensive. Cotton pads are a great and cheaper alternative! You can get a large amount of cotton pads for only a couple of dollars! Just take some micellar water or liquid makeup remover and soak the cotton pad. One large cotton pad will remove the makeup from your whole face without a problem. Removing mascara can be tricky but if you hold the soaked cotton pad on your eyelids for a few seconds, the mascara will swipe right off!

Now that you know some, of the many, uses of cotton balls, cotton swabs, and cotton pads, you can change the way you do your beauty routine and save money! Whether you're doing your nails, taking off your makeup, or doing your skincare routine, you can utilize cosmetic cotton from CVS!

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