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S-Curl - Texturizador para peinado fácil, regular
S-Curl - Texturizador para peinado fácil, regular
Luster's Pink
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Hair Brushes & Hair Combs

Finding the best hair brush for you can be overwhelming. Hair brushes come in all different shapes and sizes. Chances are, you are not using the brush that is right for you. CVS offers a wide selection of hair combs and brushes to satisfy any hair type and any styling desire. Whether you are looking for a comb to get through tough tangles or a hair brush that can help you achieve that longed for bombshell hair, you will find what you need here! Having the right hair brush is essential to having a good hair day. Check out how to determine the hair brush that is right for you and get to styling!

The Best Hair Brushes

Do you have unruly or easily tangled hair? It's time to throw out that fine tooth comb you've been using for years. A wet brush or wide tooth comb will be your new best friend. The purpose of the wet brush is to detangle any hair type. Its flexible bristles are known for running through tangles with ease. This detangling brush, like wide tooth combs, works for any hair type - without the tugging or pulling that everyone dreads. These brushes work especially well when used with hair styling products like coconut oil or leave in conditioner, which can help smooth out the hair so that the tangles brush right out! Leave in conditioner can also help prevent hair breakage by coating and moisturizing hair cuticles. The right tools will help you say goodbye to your split ends and help you finish brushing your hair in no time!

Hair Styling Brushes

Are you looking to get that salon style blow out at home? A large round brush can help you to create lots of volume and body when used with a blow dryer. Styling with a blow dryer may seem intimidating, but, learning how to use a round brush is not as hard as you may think. The key is to wait until your hair is almost dry and then work in small sections. Lift your hair up and away from your scalp and brush through slowly with your blow dryer following. Still not enough volume? Use a teasing comb at your roots to give you that extra lift. To achieve this, you can take small sections of hair and comb backwards starting about an inch from your roots. Then, finish it up with some hair spray to keep that volume all day. Styling hair could not be any easier - all you need is the right hair brush and a little patience!

Gentle Hair Brushes

Hair breakage is caused by a number of things. Remember that time you took down your hair bun and your hair got stuck in your elastic? Well, that is an example of physical damage. Luckily, this can be prevented by brushing out your hair with a paddle brush prior to doing an updo. A paddle brush quickly and effortlessly smooths out the hair leaving you with easy to manage locks. Its gentle bristles can also tame your flyaways if you are looking to create a chic, slicked back updo.

Travel Size Hair Brushes

On the go? You can quickly throw a travel sized brush in your bag on your way out the door! This is a must have for every handbag. Brushing through your hair periodically throughout the day will prevent tangles - and fewer tangles mean fewer split ends! Keep this up and you will find it easy to have a good hair day, all day, every day.

All in all, if you are looking for a better way to brush your hair, you've come to the right place. CVS has everything from brushes to combs, including special items like paddle brushes, round brushes, teasing combs, detangling brushes, and many more. With so many hair brushes and combs to choose from, we hope you now have an idea of what the best hair brush is for your needs!