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No Gray On the Go Root Touch Up
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No Gray On the Go Root Touch Up
No Gray
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Refresh your grown out roots and cover up your grays with root touch-up products. These products are perfect to extend the time between coloring your hair! Coming in a variety of colors and formulas, you will find a shade that will seamlessly blend with leading hair shades and even salon colors. Enjoy the instant solution to get rid of unwanted gray or miscolored roots!

Best Root Touch Up For You

If you color your hair but don't have time to worry about re-coloring on a regular basis, a root touch up product might be the perfect solution. Whether you're worried about gray hair or just don't have the time to color your hair entirely, these hair care products can be a real lifesaver when you're pressed for time. From redheads to brunettes, there are root touch up products available in almost every color to help you find the perfect match.

Root Touch Up Products Benefits

For those who are always on the go, a root touch up product can make life a whole lot easier. Simply apply the product to the roots as needed to keep your hair color looking fresh and even. These products aren't just for those who color their hair. If you have graying hair, they work wonderfully to maintain your natural color to help you look and feel your best. Be sure to choose the correct shade that matches most closely to your natural hair. Some products come in a spray can while others require mixing and longer application time. Whichever formula you choose, it's a great way to keep your color looking beautiful.

Applying Root Touch Up

Each brand of root touch up products has a different method for application. Always read the instructions carefully on the box and use it only as directed. These products are not designed for coloring all of your hair, but rather, they're made to provide temporary color to just the root area. Some products may come in a powder formula while others may be a cream. Most powder root touch up products will only last for a few shampoos, while creams usually last longer. Before you apply any hair color product, you should do the 48-hour test to make sure you're not allergic.

Once you choose your preferred product and find the perfect shade, you can apply it directly to your roots. For sprays, you can typically just apply it directly to clean, dry hair as needed. This formula allows you to build up the color until you get it exactly how you want it. For cream formulas, you may have to mix the product and then apply it with a brush. Creams require you to wait anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to make sure that the color seeps into your roots. After the time is up, you can rinse it out in the shower and enjoy beautiful hair with even coloring.

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