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False lashes, sometimes referred to as fake eyelashes or falsies, are a great way to create the appearance of dramatically thicker and curlier eyelashes. You can wear fake eyelashes just for special occasions or more regularly, it's up to you! Often times denatured alcohol, otherwise known as alcohol denat is often added to false lashes adhesives to enhance their adhesive structure to the lash line and makes it easier to see. It should be avoided if your skin or eyes are extremely sensitive as it can cause irritation. CVS carries a wide selection of the best drugstore lashes so that you can find your perfect look.

Can You Reuse Fake Eyelashes?

It is possible to reuse false eyelashes, although it is always best to check the packaging to make sure there aren't any instructions against doing so. Magnetic eyelashes are designed to be reused as many times as you'd like, provided that you keep them clean. Most synthetic false lashes that adhere using glue can also be reused, but typically only last through a few wears before they start to fall apart. However, the number of uses you get per pair can vary based on how well you take care of your false lashes. And taking proper care of your false eyelashes starts with removing them properly!

Butylene glycol is a water-soluble, organic alcohol that has a wide range of function in beauty, from moisturizers, to lip balm to even false lashes! When shopping for new lashes, look for those with butylene glycol in them.

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a newer alternative to traditional false eyelashes that need to be applied using glue. Magnetic eyelashes are held in place with tiny magnets placed on either side of your natural lash line. Most magnetic lashes come with two strips per eye. One strip is designed to be placed just above your natural lash line, and the other is placed just below your natural lash line. They lock together and are held in place with tiny magnets. Want to try the trend? Ardell magnetic lashes are very affordable and available online or at your local CVS.

How to Apply Fake Lashes

Start with a pair of cheap eyelashes, especially if it is your first time. You can get great quality falsies at affordable prices at CVS. Hold one of the false eyelashes up against your eyelid and note where your eye ends. Then move the fake lashes away from your eyes and trim the falsies to the proper size to fit your eyes. Next, apply a thin, even layer of lash glue to one of the false eyelashes. Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to begin to set - but don't let it fully harden. Place a mirror on a countertop or table below where you're standing, at a perpendicular angle to your face. Look down into the mirror - this will cause your eyelid to extend so that you can better see where to place the falsies. Depending on which feels more comfortable to you, use a set of tweezers or your fingers to gently place the fake eyelashes just above your own natural lash line. To create a more natural look that camouflages the strip of the false lashes, take a delineador líquido and draw a line from where the band stops all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Then repeat the process on your other eye. For applying individual false eyelashes, the process is similar, but you will need to dip the edge of each individual lash in glue before placing them along your lash line to create the appearance fuller and longer eyelashes.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Applying magnetic eyelashes is fairly straightforward, however, unlike applying false lash strips with glue, which is a pretty standardized process, some brands of magnetic lashes may recommend a slightly different process than others. Because of this, it is always best to refer to the directions on the packaging. If the packaging indicates to do so, the first thing you'll want to do is trim the magnetic lashes to the proper size for your eyes, the same way you would with regular falsies. Without the need for glue, once you've determined that your lashes are the right size, you're ready to apply them! Many bloggers find that placing the bottom lash piece first is helpful. Place the bottom lash piece underneath your natural lashes, then close your eye, and set the top lash piece on top of your natural lash line, being sure to line the two pieces up. The two pieces will click into place and stay on through the use of magnets!

How to Remove False Eyelashes

Start by grasping the outer edge of the strip with your fingers and gently peel it inwards to detach the falsies from your eyelid without causing damage. Next, carefully peel the dried glue off the false lashes. Be gentle and patient as you do this. Finally, remove any makeup or dirt from the surface of your falsies using a cotton swab dipped in desmaquillador. Then dry them off with a clean tissue, place them back in their original container, and store them in a cool, dry place for the next time you’re ready to use them. With magnetic eyelashes, it is important to know that you should not pull to remove them the way you would with glue-adhered falsies, or you could end up pulling out your natural eyelashes and hurting yourself! Instead, gently slide the two strips apart to break the magnetic hold. Then clean and store your magnetic lashes in their container until you are ready to use them again.