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Bene Casa Cubilete Dice Cup, 5 Poker Dice

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Bene Casa Cubilete Dice Cup, 5 Poker Dice

1 C/U, 0.49 lb. N.° de artículo: 243908

The Bene Casa professional "Cubilete" dice cup set includes a beautifully lined shaker cup with a set of five high quality poker dice.
This is a compact, take anywhere game, ideal for playing Cubilete poker among other games. Cubilete is an old and very traditional game in Cuba that is second in popularity only to Cuban dominoes. Similar cubilete games are played in other Latin American countries, but the rules vary all over the map, with many cultures playing a version that is very much like the card game Poker/Poker Dice.
The black shaker cup is well made, with a luxurious velvet lining that gives a professional touch while also reducing noise when shaking dice, improving the gaming experience. The cup features a snap release bottom compartment, which contains a set of five poker dice. With that built-in storage, you have an easy to carry, fun game whenever you want, whether at home, in the yard or at the campsite. The poker dice use bold letters to depict the jack, queen, and king, offering improved visibility compared to some colored, pictorial options, perfect for low-light gameplay.
For versatile and fun gaming wherever you may be, the Bene Casa professional dice cup and poker dice set has everything you need, order yours today and enjoy gaming fun any time.
There are five dice in the traditional Cubilete set.
Each dice has six sides, and each side has one of the following characters on it: Ace, King, Queen (also known as "Cundangas"), Jack (Jevas, or Mujeres), 10 (Los Gallegos), 9 (Los Negros).
The object of the game is to roll five dice of the same kind. A hand with less than five of a kind has absolutely no value.
To win a round, you need to get the highest hand. The winner of each round (and only the winner) wins points based on the value of their hand. A game is played to a total score of 10 patas (points). Whoever gets 10 points first wins the game, even if all of the players have not had a turn.
The ultimate goal of the game is to score "Carabinas." If you roll any Carabina during the game, you immediately win the round and get to keep rolling for another round. There are three types of Carabina, listed in order of value.

• Carabina de Aces- complete set of five Aces within the three-roll limit. If you get Carabina de Aces, you are awarded 10 points and the game is over. You have eliminated everyone else in the game and are the winner of the game, even if no one else has a chance to roll! If you get Carabina de Aces, then you are always the first roller in the next game.
• Carabina de Ks (Kings) Naturales- complete set of five Kings within the three-roll limit. If you get this type of Carabina, you get five points. You win the round, the round ends.
• Carabina de Ks (Kings) No Naturales- the obtain this is by pairing the Aces with the Kings. (The Ace can be paired with any of the other dice because it is wild.) If you obtain this type of arabina, you get two points. You win the round, the round ends.
If nobody gets a Carabina after everyone has had their turn, one point is awarded to the person with the highest hand:

• Five Queens
• Five Jevas (Jacks)
• Five Gallegos
• Five Negros
The strategy in Cubilete is knowing what to play for and when, depending on what your opponent’s score.
•Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts.
• This item is not a toy.
• Dispose of all packaging materials, keeping away from children.

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