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Bene Casa Double Nine Domino Set, Professional

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Bene Casa Double Nine Domino Set, Professional

1 C/U, 3.37 lb. N.° de artículo: 243942

This Bene Casa professional double 9 domino set features 55 extra thick, high-quality dominoes in an elegant wooden box.
These thick dominos are adorned with a glittered-colored back that is not only attractive but hides scratches keeping the identity of the domino always hidden. With a smooth, pure white glossy face and colored backs in red, blue, and green, this eye-catching set is a pleasure to use, providing hours of gaming entertainment in one, compact box. The professional dominoes are extra thick for easy handling, with each one having a brass spinner in the center for easy mixing and a better playing experience. The set comes with its own, elegant wooden storage box, with a sliding lid that opens wide for easy access to the dominoes, while remaining secure when transporting. Ideal for home and tournament gaming, the storage box is compact enough to transport with ease.
You can feel the difference between these high-quality professional dominoes and others. Dominos you can trust from America's #1 domino brand.
Get your Bene Casa 55-piece professional double nine domino set today!
The game Block Dominoes is one of the easiest games to play with a double nine set, 2-4 players.
Place all the dominoes face down on the table and shuffle them.
Pick seven dominoes if you have two players, or five dominoes if you have three or four players.
Place your dominoes on their sides in front of you so that only you can see them.
Ask if anyone has the double nine domino. If so, have that player place it face up on the table. If not, ask for the double eight and so on, until whoever has the highest double domino has played it.
The player to the left takes the next turn.
Play a domino in your hand that matches the number of the domino on the board, if you can, placing the matching dominoes end to end. If you cannot play, you must pass.
Players may not draw additional dominoes in the Block Dominoes game.
Continue playing, taking turns by going around the table clockwise.
If you have a double domino that matches, place the double domino sideways rather than end to end. This allows players to play on either end of the domino.
The end of the game is when one player has used all his or her dominoes, or when no one can play any dominoes.
Score the game by having everyone add up the number of dots on all the tiles they still have.
The player with the lowest number of dots wins all the points of the other players, minus the points in his or her own hand, if any. Start the game over and continue playing, if desired, until someone reaches a total score of 100, or a score the group has chosen.
Warning: Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years
• This item is not a toy.
• With an adult's discretion, children can play dominoes with an adult by their side.
• Domino tiles are not to be placed in mouths.
• Dispose of all packaging materials, keeping away from children.

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