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Biomedical Life Systems Bioknit Conductive Lower Back Garment Universal

Biomedical Life Systems Bioknit Conductive Lower Back Garment Universal
1 u., 12.8 lb. N.° de artículo 412874

Elegible para HSA/FSA

The conductive fabric properties of the BioKnit conductive garments and pads take the place of traditional adhesive electrodes when used in conjunction with an electrical stimulation device such as TENS or HVPS. The conductive fabric panels attach with hook and loop fastener and can be moved and positioned based upon the patient's needs. The fabric panels are woven with silver thread to provide even stimulation to the entire covered area. There is no need for adhesive or tape, the fabric provides the stimulation. Indicated for patients suffering from low back pain such as sciatica, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, lumbago, strain or other low back pain conditions. Great alternative for patients with skin too sensitive for traditional electrodes adhesive or those that find it difficult to position adhesive electrodes on the lower back. Garment comes with a TENS pouch that attaches with hook and loop fastener to hold the device in place for patient's on the go. Universal size, adjustable, reusable and hand washable. Extension panels available.

  • 9 in. Wide up to 48 in. waist
  • Universal size
  • Soft
  • Universal, with (4) 2 in. x 3 in. fabric conductive electrodes and device carrying pouch
  • Maximum waist circumference 48 (can be extended with extension panels)


Este artículo es elegible para FSA (cuenta de gastos flexible).

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