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BACtrack S80 - Alcoholímetro
$149.99 / c/u.
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BACtrack - Alcoholímetro con llavero
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What are the Best Breathalyzer Brands?

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Home Breathalyzer

A home breathalyzer allows you to test your blood alcohol content in the comfort of your own home. This product can be used to determine whether or not it's safe to drive, or it may simply be used for health purposes. If you are concerned about your BAC level, using a home breathalyzer is a good way to check your levels quickly and easily before you step outside. They can also be used to help identify any potential health problems in pregnant women, or for pregnant women who must remain sober through the duration of their pregnancy. If you've recently finished undergoing rehabilitation for alcoholism, this tool may also help you prevent a relapse. This product can range greatly in price, from as low as $10 to up to thousands of dollars. Make sure you research the different models and brands available before you choose a home breathalyzer.

Car Breathalyzer

A car breathalyzer is specifically used to prevent people from driving when they are under the influence of alcohol. In most cases, car breathalyzers are installed as a result of a court order. These devices use a preset level of BAC depending on your specific state laws. If you breathe into the car breathalyzer and your blood alcohol content is over this level, the vehicle won't start. This device meets the local and state regulations as well as those set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Any time the unit detects blood alcohol levels over the legal limit, the device locks the ignition for a predetermined amount of time to prevent you from driving.

Portable Breathalyzer

A portable breathalyzer can be taken anywhere so you can test your blood alcohol content level. These compact breathalyzers are often attached to a keychain so you can keep them with you wherever you go. Use them to test yourself as well as your friends and family members. Using a portable breathalyzer could potentially save someone's life or protect other people on the road. Testing your BAC can help you avoid driving a vehicle while under the influence, and most of the portable designs will give you an accurate alcohol level reading in seconds so you know exactly what your blood alcohol level is.

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