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Nexxus Clean & Pure Moisture - Champú para todo tipo de cabello, 13.5 oz
Nexxus Clean and Pure Shampoo Paraben-Free With Clarifying ProteinFusion For Nourished Hair, 13.5 OZ
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Clarifying Shampoo

Does it seem like no matter how much you shampoo, your hair continues to look greasy and limp? Are you prone to acne breakouts on your forehead, around your hairline or on your scalp? If you're experiencing these hair and skin care problems, you may have oily hair. Fortunately, clarifying shampoo can help to address your hair care concern and improve the appearance of your locks.

What Causes Oily Hair?

Oily hair is the term used to describe hair that is weighed down by the natural oil produced by the scalp. This oil is called sebum. If you have oily hair, the glands on your scalp produce too much sebum, leading to a build-up of oil on your skin and hair. Some people are simply prone to excessive oil production. Hormone levels can also cause an increase in oil production. An oily scalp can lead to acne breakouts if the excess oil clogs the pores.

What Is Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is formulated specifically to address oily hair and scalp concerns. These shampoos contain powerful cleansers that are able to cut through large amounts of sebum, allowing them to be washed away when you rinse. Some clarifying shampoos also feature ingredients that help to regulate sebum production, reducing the risk of oiliness returning in the future. Not just for oily scalp, clarifying shampoos may also be used to remove build-up from hair styling products.

Clarifying Shampoo For Your Hair

There are a number of features that you can consider when shopping for clarifying shampoo. Some products are made especially for men or for women, while others are suitable for everyone. Products also differ in their ingredients. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the benefits of the available clarifying shampoos. Ingredient listings are provided on the product pages for comparison. Some clarifying shampoos have special features that may make them ideal for your locks. For example, if your hair is color treated, a color-safe clarifying shampoo will help to extend the life of your hair color treatment. You can refine the product selection by concern to quickly find the best clarifying shampoo for your needs.

Best Result When Using Clarifying Shampoo

For best results, use clarifying shampoo as directed by the instructions on the packaging. After shampooing, apply a daily conditioner formulated for oily scalp. Some brands offer conditioners that complement the actions of their clarifying shampoos. Shopping by brand can help you quickly discover conditioners and other hair care products that are intended to work with a particular shampoo.

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