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Lip Balm With Cocoa Butter

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Burt's Bees 100% Natural Origin Squeezy Tinted Lip Balm, Enriched With Beeswax and Cocoa Butter
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Lip Balm With Cocoa Butter

Lip balm with cocoa butter smooths onto your lips easily and helps hydrate the skin. CVS offers a variety of lip balm formulas containing cocoa butter as a main ingredient, giving you lots of options to keep your lips soft and moisturized. 

What are the Best Lip Balm With Cocoa Butter Brands?

Is Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Good for Chapped Lips?

Cocoa butter is an emollient in bálsamo labial, which means it moisturizes your lips. The vitamin E in cocoa butter can have a restorative and healing effect on skin, making it beneficial for chapped lips. It also contains natural antioxidants, which help protect your lips from dry air and extreme temperatures, cutting down on dryness and chapped skin. 

Lip balm with cocoa butter absorbs well into your skin, allowing it to work effectively. It also has a soft, soothing feeling, which can make chapped lips feel more comfortable as soon as you apply it. Once your lips heal, continuing to use cocoa butter lip balm as part of your cuidado de la piel routine can help keep your lips soft and protected.  

Where Can I Buy Cocoa Butter Lip Balm?

Look for lip balm with cocoa butter wherever you find other types of lip balm. You can usually find some cocoa butter options at CVS, both in stores and online. Check the lip care or cosméticos sections to compare the cocoa butter lip balm options that are available. 

SPF in the lip balm adds sun protection to your lips, which is beneficial year-round to prevent burns and dryness. Read the label to identify additional ingredients in the product, which might include beeswax to add to the texture or botanical extracts to add fragrance or additional benefits. 

How Do I Use Cocoa Butter Lip Balm?

Lip balm with cocoa butter works like any other lip care product. It often comes in a stick format with a twist bottom that lets you push up as much of the stick as you want. Other products are available in a gel format that you squeeze through a small hole in the tube's top. Once you dispense the lip product, rub it onto your lips until you apply a thin layer over the skin. Reapply the cocoa butter lip balm as needed throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated and comfortable.