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LA Girl Gloss Topper - Brillo de labios, Clear
LA Girl Gloss Topper - Brillo de labios, Clear
L.A. Girl
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What is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice?

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice comes from the leaf of the aloe vera plant. This plant has many helpful properties including moisturizing the skin. It may also help speed up wound healing and skin regeneration*. When consumed as a juice, it aids in digestion and helps relieve inflammation in the body. This natural ingredient has been used for centuries to help provide needed moisture to the skin and to help with digestive problems. As a juice extract, it can be consumed on its own or mixed with water, juice, or in smoothies and shakes.

What is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract?

Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract comes from the inside of the leaf of the aloe vera plant. These leaves have three layers with a clear inner gel in the middle. To make the extract, the leaves are harvested and processed or refrigerated within six hours of being cut to maintain freshness and to maintain the active ingredients. After 36 hours from harvest, the rind is removed and the inner gel is put into a grinder. The resulting liquid is filtered and stabilized so that the ingredients do not separate. This juice, liquid, or extract is stored in glass bottles in an amber color so that the light doesn't cause a reaction to the bioactive agents found in aloe. Once the processing is complete, the juice or gel is mixed with other agents to create a variety of products including skincare such as after sun products, cosmetics, and food products.