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Revlon Colorstay - Maquillaje para piel mixta/grasa
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Revlon ColorStay Makeup Combination/Oily
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How to use liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is an eyeliner used for dark, thick application of eyeliner. It should be applied to eyelash lines on upper and lower lids for best effect.

How to apply liquid eyeliner

There are three basic ways to apply liquid eyeliner: connecting dots, outside-in, and inside-out.

With the hand not used to apply the liquid eyeliner, hold the skin taut around your eyelid to prevent bumping and uneven application.

1. Connecting the dots: Looking straight ahead or tilting your head down slightly, look at the mirror and make small dots or dashes as close to the lash line as possible. Fill in the blank spaces, connecting the dots/dashes. Repeat on the other lids.

2. Inside-out: While looking ahead or slightly downward through the lashes, start at the center of your eyelid. Draw a single line from the top of your lash line toward the outer corner of your eye. Repeat on all eyelids.

3. Outside-in: While looking slightly downward through your lashes or straight at the mirror, Begin at the outer corner of your eyelid and gently draw a line against the lash line, toward the center of the eye.

If there are any gaps, simply pull the skin taut again and gently fill in the gaps with the liquid liner.

How to do liquid eyeliner wings

1. Using any of the methods above, draw the line along the lash line.

2. Now, draw an extended line on the outer of your eyes, making an angle with your eyebrows.

3. Adjust the length of the angled according to your desired outcome.

4. Place the marker, brush, or pencil where the line ends and draw a fine line that flicks inward toward the eye, with a slight curve.

5. Extend the line to the inner corner of your eye.

6. Fill in the gap until no skin color appears between the upper and lower line, forming the wing.