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Conair - Plancha para alisar de cerámica de 1"
Conair - Plancha para alisar de cerámica de 1"
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What are the Best Straighteners Brands?

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How to use hair straightener

Sometimes, you want your hair to be straight. With a hair straightener, you can achieve that at home. Le mostramos cómo:

  • Choosing the right straightener is important. If you can get a flat iron, that will be a good choice. Try to get one with a ceramic coating. Also, make sure you get the right size. Irons with two or more plates are good for all types of hair.

  • Wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo and dry it completely. Don't use a straightener on wet hair.

  • Comb your hair and detangle it.

  • Put a heat protection spray on your hair. Do not put it on the roots- this will make your hair greasy.

  • Referring to the straightener's directions, set the temperature you need.

  • Starting an inch from the root, start straightening your hair down. Do one section at a time.

How to clean hair straightener

This is an important step that should be done about once a month. Here's an easy way to clean your hair straightener:

  • Put your iron on the lowest setting and heat it up.

  • Unplug it and wipe it down with a soft towel or cotton rounds dipped in water or alcohol. You can scrub the plates for build-up but don't scrub too hard.

  • For the little crevices, use a Q-tip. 

How to curl hair with a straightener

If you want to curl your hair with a straightener, you can follow these instructions:

  • Begin with the steps above until you get to the last step. 

  • Put the straightener near the root of your hair and start to straighten down your hair. When you get to the section where you want it to start curling, stop and move to the next step.

  • Turn the straightener 180 degrees (a half turn) from your face pull it straight down through the rest of your hair. Do this for every section you want curled.

  • When you are finished with every section, massage the roots with your fingers. This will help break up the curls,

These moves should be seamless and flow together. It might take some practice to get it down.

Does straightening your hair damage it?

Daily heat styling is not recommended for your hair. If your hair has been through a lot of coloring or chemical alterations, it is more damaged than someone who hasn't had these done. Therefore, heat styling can damage the hair more. However, if you keep your hair healthy and protected, you can work out a good flat iron schedule.