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Mommy's Bliss - Gotas de simethicone para el alivio de gases, 1 oz
Mommy's Bliss - Gotas de simethicone para el alivio de gases, 1 oz
Mommy's Bliss
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Is Extra gum sugar-free?

Yes. It has the American Dental Association's seal of acceptance.

Is sugar-free gum bad for your teeth?

No. On the contrary, chewing sugar-free gum could be good for your teeth. One of the biggest benefits is its lack of sugar. Cavities are formed by feeding on bad bacteria in your mouth and they feed on the residual sugars and starches in your mouth. Regular gum is more sugar in your mouth that just dissolves in your saliva. That bacteria in plaque absorbs it and then the bacteria have a lot of energy to reproduce.

Another thing to look for is the sweetener xylitol. This has been shown to prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath. A study found that gum sweetened with xylitol reduced the number of bad bacteria by up to 75%.

Chewing sugar-free gum could also increase saliva production. This could help with dry mouth, flush out food particles that bacteria feed on, and neutralize acids in the mouth, thereby helping to minimize acid reflux and enamel erosion.

While the American Dental Association approves of sugar-free gum, they also say that it should be chewed in moderation. There is no substitute for good dental hygiene.

What gum is sugar-free?

There are many options for sugar-free gum. Whatever your taste preferences are, there is probably a sugar-free gum for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Spry Chewing Gum

○ Fresh peppermint gum. 

○ Contains xylitol. 

○ Non-GMO, gluten-free. 

○ No aspartame. 

○ Vegan.

○ No fillers, artificial flavor or color.

  • Trident Sugar-Free Gum:

○ Various flavors.

○ Contains xylitol.

 ○ Long-lasting freshness.

○ Can leave an aftertaste.

  • PUR Chewing Gum:

○ Various flavors.

○ Contains xylitol.

○ Non-GMO.

○ N harmful chemicals or artificial flavors.

○ Vegan.

○ Gluten-, soy-, peanut-, nut- and aspartame-free.

○ Flavr could die fast.

  • Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Gum:

○ Grape flavor.

○ Contains xylitol.

○ ADA approved.

○ The flavor doesn't last long.

  • Bazooka Bubble Gum:

○ ADA Approved.

○ Easy to carry.

○ Flavor dies fast.

  • Dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon Sugar-Free Gum:

○ Brightens your teeth. 

○ Long-lasting teeth.

○ Might irritate your mouth.

  • Carousel Sugar-Free Gumballs:

○ Fruity bubble gum flavor.

○ Prevent dry mouth.

  • Project 7 Rainbow Ice Sugar-Free Gum:

○ Gourmet flavors.

○ Sin gluten.

○ Long-lasting, refreshing flavor. 

Does sugar-free gum have calories?

Yes. Sugar-free gum averages less than 5 calories per piece. 

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