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ConvaTec 2-piece Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch 10-1/3" L, Transparent, 10CT


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ConvaTec 2-piece Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch 10-1/3" L, Transparent, 10CT
10 u., 0.55 lb. N.° de artículo 249763

The Esteem Synergy ostomy system utilizes an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology that connects the pouch to the skin barrier and eliminates the need for plastic rings that must be snapped or locked together. Instead of a plastic ring, Esteem Synergy pouches feature a flat, flexible adhesive foam ring that securely connects to a flexible, clear "landing zone" on the skin barrier. The result is a low-profile, flexible two-piece system.

  • With one-sided comfort panel, Accuseal tap with valve
  • Color: Transparent
  • Stoma size: 1/2 in. to 7/8 in.
  • Opening type: Cut-to-fit
  • Size: 10-1/3 in. Length
  • Backing: One-sided comfort panel
  • Closure: Accuseal tap with valve
  • Pequeño
  • Anti-reflux valve prevents urine from returning to top of pouch around the stoma
  • Flat, flexible adhesive foam ring that securely connects pouch to skin barrier, eliminating hard plastic ring
  • Lifestyles: Colostomy, ileostomy, daywear, nightwear, extended travel, hospital, sensitivity, bathing, extended wear, travel, active, sensitive skin, swimming

Este artículo es elegible para FSA (cuenta de gastos flexible).

ProblemaHospital grade
Product typeOstomy pouches


Preparation of the skin barrier: Place the stoma measuring guide over the stoma, measuring the stoma at the base. Trace the stoma outline you selected onto the release paper. For skin barriers with cut-to-fit openings, cut the skin barrier to fit the proper size and shape of your stoma. Make sure you do not cut beyond the last line indicated on the release paper. For skin barriers with pre-cut stoma openings, select a skin barrier with a pre-cut stoma opening the same size as the largest diameter of the stoma. Do not enlarge the pre-cut stoma opening. Application of the skin barrier: Remove the circular release paper. Center the stoma opening over your stoma and press the skin barrier in place. Smooth the inner edge closest to your stoma with your fingers, holding for 30 seconds to ensure a snug fit around the stoma. Remove the white release paper from the flexible collar and press into place, removing any wrinkles. Before applying, let a small amount of air into the pouch by gently separating it. Make sure that the transparent landing zone is completely clean and dry. Attachment of the pouch: Remove the release paper from the adhesive ring on the pouch. Rest your finger at the bottom edge of the landing zone. Using that finger, align the bottom of the pouch adhesive ring with the bottom of the landing zone. Or fold the adhesive ring, apply the lower half to the bottom of the landing zone, then "roll or slide" your fingers over the upper portion to secure the pouch in place. Roll up the lower portion of the adhesive ring from bottom to top, making sure the entire adhesive ring is in the landing zone. Run your fingers around the pouch to make sure it's smooth and wrinkle-free. Lift up the pouch so that your fingers are under the plastic landing zone and your thumbs are on top of the adhesive ring. "Walk" your fingers and thumbs around the entire landing zone to help ensure that there are no wrinkles in the adhesive ring. Repositioning or pouch removal: Peel the pouch from the landing zone by holding the tab on the pouch adhesive ring with one hand and the edge of the transparent landing zone with the other. Peel the pouch downward with a top-to-bottom rolling motion.

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ConvaTec 2-piece Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch 10-1/3" L, Transparent, 10CT