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Liquid I.V.'s Hydration Multiplier with Immune Support, 6 CT
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During athletic competition, training sessions and workouts, you use a large amount of energy. To help remain at peak performance, it's important that you provide fuel to your body with the right nutrients. Performance nutrition, sometimes called endurance supplements or sports supplements, can help you get more out of your workouts.

What Is Pre Workout?

A pre-workout supplement is a dietary formula that contains several ingredients formulated to boost your energy levels and help improve your athletic performance. Most pre-workout products come in powder form similar to protein shakes, and you can mix them with water. Pre-workouts are made to drink before your exercise to help you get more benefits from every workout. While the formula for a pre-workout product can vary, most contain a variety of B vitamins, creatine, amino acids, and caffeine. Some are unflavored, while others could include artificial sweeteners to give them a specific flavor. There is very little research regarding the effectiveness of taking a pre-workout, but some people claim that they see a noticeable difference in how long they're able to work out and how many benefits they feel and see.

What Does Pre Workout Do?

Results may vary when taking a pre-workout depending on the formula, how your body reacts to it, and the type of ingredients it includes. You will likely see more results when you take a pre-workout on a regular basis rather than expecting to see results immediately after just one use. Taking a pre-workout can help you feel more energized, stronger, and you may feel less fatigued during and after your workout. Overall, these products are formulated to help you do more for a longer period of time without feeling weak or tired. You can take a pre-workout as a shake, pill, or as a meal replacement to boost your energy levels and keep you focused. Many people take a pre-workout around 30 minutes before the beginning of a workout to supply the body with extra nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. This can help to raise your blood sugar levels, supplying you with more energy to keep you going strong.

How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

For best results, you should take a pre-workout product about 30 minutes to an hour before you begin working out to give the supplement enough time to enter your bloodstream. If the product contains caffeine, it should last between three to seven hours after you take it. For those who prefer to train or work out in the evenings, it's best to talk half of the recommended dose or switch your pre-workout to another product that doesn't contain caffeine. You can take a pre-workout 15 to 20 minutes before you begin if you prefer. However, if you want it to last longer, you may want to wait closer to an hour to allow the product to fully enter your bloodstream for better results.

Pre Workout Supplements

You most likely can't perform your best during workouts and competitions if your body doesn't have the necessary nutrients to power your movements. Pre-workout supplements are intended to help nourish your body to boost your energy levels, strength and endurance. These supplements are typically taken 30 minutes to an hour before exercise. Often, these supplements are powders that are mixed with liquids to create shakes or smoothies.

Enhancing Workout Performance

Some sports supplements are taken daily to enhance athletic performance. Testosterone boosters are one example. These products contain ingredients that may raise levels of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body. Some experts believe that increased testosterone levels can help support muscle development, boost overall strength and enhance endurance. Daily performance supplements come in a variety of forms, including powders, capsules and tablets.

Post Workout Supplements

Good nutrition is as important after a workout or athletic competition as it is before you exercise. Post-workout supplements are often used after intense activities to recharge. Some products contain salts called electrolytes. These formulas address dehydration caused by increased perspiration during exercise. You can also find post-workout supplements that support recovery, the process of repairing the muscles after exertion. Like pre-workout supplements, post-workout products often come in powdered form. Normally they are best taken within an hour after exercise.

Best Performance Enhancing Supplements

The product names and descriptions will help you to identify the performance and sports supplements that are in line with your fitness goals and your workout needs. Each description provides information about the benefits of the product and the ingredients that it contains, so you can compare your options. Although many athletes and fitness enthusiasts rely on supplements for nutritional support, there is not enough evidence to prove that any particular product can enhance sports performance for everyone who uses it.

Using Performance Supplements Safely

Sports and performance supplements can cause side effects and health complications and may interact with some drugs and other supplements. That's why it's important to consult your medical provider before taking any new supplement for the first time. Make sure to follow the directions for use printed on the supplement packaging unless your health care provider has given you other advice.


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