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Duracell N Alkaline Batteries, 2-Pack

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Duracell N Alkaline Batteries, 2-Pack
2 u., 0.5 lb. N.° de artículo 950180

Duracell Specialty Alkaline batteries have a 5-year guarantee in storage, so you can be confident these batteries will be ready when you need them. They offer long-lasting power for your specialty devices.

  • Duracell N Batteries: The Duracell Coppertop 12 Volt alkaline battery is designed for use in household items like car alarms, key fobs, GPS trackers, remote controllers and more.
  • Duracell garantiza estas baterías contra defectos en materiales y fabricación. Should any device be damaged due to a battery defect, they will repair or replace it at their option.
  • Long Lasting Power: Duracell Specialty Alkaline batteries are designed and developed for long lasting quality performance.
  • Guaranteed for 5 years in Storage: Duracell N Specialty Alkaline batteries provide durable value are guaranteed for 5 years in storage.
  • #1 Trusted Battery Brand: This Duracell Coppertop N Alkaline battery is equivalent to A23, MN21, A23, E23A, R23A and V23GA.
Tipo de productoElectronics batteries


Caution: Keep batteries away from children. En caso de ingesta, consultar a profesional de la salud de inmediato. For information on treatment, call 1-800-498-8666. Ingestion may lead to serious injury or death. Battery can explode or leak if heated, disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to fire or high temperature or inserted incorrectly. Conservar en el envase original hasta su uso. No lleve baterías sueltas en su bolsillo o cartera.

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