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Earth Therapeutics Ultra-Absorbent Quick-Dry Hair Turban

Earth Therapeutics Ultra-Absorbent Quick-Dry Hair Turban
1 u., .33 lb. N.° de artículo: 448242

Earth Therapeutics is a proud supporter of The National Breast Cancer Foundation! We encourage you to help us fight breast cancer by purchasing this "PINK" item.

This ultra plush turban is cut from angel-tex&trade - a revolutionary fabric that absorbs excess moisture (such as water and sweat) much more quickly than ordinary fabrics.

Developed with advanced proprietary micro-fiber technology, angel-tex&trade is woven from fibers that are even finer than conventional micro-fiber. The result is a heavenly light, heavenly soft, super-absorbent turban that uses capillary action to literally "drink up" excess moisture. Use on hair to cut down time on blow-drying and the morning routine.

Easy to use button closure. Machine washable.

Great for use at home, gym or traveling

Available in WHITE or PINK.

Packaged in a convenient, reusable bag.

  • Drape.
  • Twist.
  • Flip and button close.

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