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GPD Health, Pediatric and Adult Pulse Oximeter, 1 EA

GPD Health, Pediatric and Adult Pulse Oximeter, 1 EA
1 c/u, 2 lb. N.º de artículo 126802

Elegible para HSA/FSA

  • Measures: oxygen level, pulse rate
  • For children and small to medium sized adults
  • Bright display that is readable from all sides
  • Operación con un solo botón
  • Apagado automático
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries

The GPD Health Pediatric and Adult Pulse Oximeter is designed to help you get easy, fast readings for your oxygen levels and pulse rate to help monitor a variety of conditions. This lightweight and reliable device accommodates children and small to medium sized adults.

The convenient and friendly design of this pulse oximeter allows you to read it from all sides, and the one-button operation makes it simple to use. Adjustable brightness helps you see the numbers clearly even in low light. An automatic power-off feature turns the unit off to save battery power. It requires two AAA batteries, which are included.

When using your GPD Health Pulse Oximeter, keep your hands still in order to get the most accurate results. Place one of your fingers inside to the end, then press down on the switch button once, located on the front panel, to turn the unit on. This device includes a handy lanyard so you can hang it up for storage or take it with you anywhere. Simply tie the lanyard through the hole in the rear of the unit.

Always read the instructions fully and carefully before use to ensure that you're receiving the most accurate readings possible. Please contact your healthcare provider if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms related to breathing or if your readings are outside of ranges established by your healthcare provider.


Para operar: coloque uno de sus dedos en el oxímetro de pulso y presione una vez el botón interruptor del panel frontal para encenderlo. Para obtener los mejores resultados, mantenga las manos quietas durante la lectura.

Instalación de cordón: ate el cordón pasándolo por el orificio en la parte de atrás del oxímetro de pulso.

Please read included manual carefully before use.

Nota: El esmalte de uñas y las uñas acrílicas podrían interferir con la lectura.

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