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Gummy Candy

Everyone loves a delicious, sweet treat, and chewy candy is a fun option that adults and kids alike love to eat. Thanks to a wide range of brands and styles, you can find chewy candy in endless flavors and formats. Gummy bears are one of the world's most popular chewy candy choices thanks to their unique texture and amazing range of flavors. Here's some more information about this sweet (or sour) confection to help you find the perfect chewy candy for your needs.

Types of Chewy Candy

Today's chewy candy comes in a huge range of flavor styles from tropical fruits to hot and spicy. This candy can be tiny and round, long and tubular, or molded into an endless array of fun and unique shapes. Teens love the new versions of chewy candies that come in extreme flavors like super-hot and spicy to ultra-sour. If you have a milder palate, try a classic chewy candy, like licorice or Skittles. Jellybeans are another classic chewy candy that you tend to see more of around the Easter season. However, new developments in flavor have allowed brands to create unique options for jellybeans and other chewy candy styles that include popcorn flavors and other adventurous options.

Sour Gummies & More

In terms of popularity, sour chewy candy is taking over classic, milder fruit flavors. Other new options bring in unique flavors like peanut butter and jelly, fruit punch, and green apple, just to name a few. Variations of chewy candy include adding a juicy, sweet filling inside that gushes out when you take a bite. A dusting of sour sugar on the outside of gummy candies is another option that people love. Red and black licorice has long been a staple in the chewy candy world. New takes on licorice include making this candy in fruitier flavors like strawberry, apple, or grape. Kids and teens love gummies since they can be made in virtually any shape imaginable, including their favorite movie or TV characters. No matter which style or flavor profile you love best, it's safe to say that chewy candy is here to stay.

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