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Jerky is a tasty and satisfying high-protein food. So, it makes for an excellent snack when feeling hungry at school or work, traveling, hiking, and more. Recently, it became increasingly popular among athletes, too. The nutrient-dense nature of jerky helps them get fueled through workout and recovery. Any time you're snacking on meat, it is going to be rich in protein, which is vital for many athletes. For example, a one-ounce serving of jerky provides about 10g of protein.

What Is Jerky?

Jerky is dried meat, nutrient-rich food that has been cooked and dehydrated to make it shelf-stable and remain edible without refrigeration. By removing the moisture, meat jerky can be kept extended periods without spoiling. Drawing out the moisture from food increases its nutritional density. That makes it a satisfying, portable snack that offers a wide variety of flavors such as applewood smoke, barbecue, garlic, hickory, pepper, salt, sweet, and teriyaki.

Where Does Jerky Come From?

The technique of drying fruits and meats is among the oldest methods of preserving food. The concept of dried meat goes back to ancient times when people were looking for the best way to keep meats. The earliest archeological records of jerky suggest that ancient Egyptians preserved produce items and meats by drying them out in the sun. Its importance in ancient culture is demonstrated by the abundance of preserved food discovered in Egyptian tombs, some of which stayed notably intact. Variations of jerky are seen all over the world from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The name "jerky" can be traced back to the South American Quechua tribe term, "ch'arki."

Types Of Jerky

Biting into a piece of high-quality jerky can make it clear why jerky has such a long and storied history. For all the reasons modern people enjoy it, so too did ancient cultures. Being sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, and fun to chew are the same reasons we love beef jerky today as people have throughout civilization. It is handy to carry, dense in nutrition, and an excellent choice that offers a wide array of flavors and culinary variations. At a CVS® Store, you can find beef, pork, turkey, and even venison jerky.

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