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Personal Steam Inhaler

Providing targeted relief from bronchial irritations and sinus congestion, a personal steam inhaler can deliver a welcome respite when breathing feels troublesome. Whether seasonal allergies, rhinitis, the common cold, or environmental irritants are inciting a battle to breathe, a personal steam inhaler can offer warm, moisture-filled air to soothe aggravated passageways.

What Is a Steam Inhaler?

A steam inhaler heats up water from a reservoir to provide targeted vapor or steam in an effort to alleviate respiratory conditions which can include colds, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, and asma. When choosing the steam inhaler for your needs, it is best to match the size of the equipment, its ease of use, volume and length of steam output, and temperature control options to your required use. Filters and aromatherapy options may also play into how and when you use your steam inhaler.  

How To Use A Steam Inhaler

As every steam inhaler is different and will be utilized for different purposes, how you use your steam inhaler will vary for each individual. The CVS Health Steam Inhaler can be used for a quick 5 to 15-minute effective treatment and comes with an inhalant pad for a medicated steam option. The Mypurmist Free Cordless Steam Inhaler requires ultrapure sterile water and includes a HEPA filter for a prolonged bacteria-free therapeutic mist treatment.