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Accesorios de primeros auxilios

You never know when you'll find yourself in the midst of a medical emergency. That's why experts recommend putting together a first aid kit filled with basic supplies that you can reach for if someone is injured or falls ill. CVS has everything that you need to stock your first aid kit and allows you to easily shop for first aid supplies online. In this product selection, you'll find all of the first aid accessories currently available to add to your kit for home, work or your vehicle.

First Aid Gloves & Masks

When you're administering first aid, your main concern is usually the person who requires assistance, but you shouldn't compromise your own safety to provide care. Keeping personal protection products in your first aid kit helps ensure that you can protect yourself if you need to dress a wound or provide another type of care. Face masks may serve as a barrier to germs and can help protect you from dust and smoke. Disposable gloves help keep you from coming in contact with blood and other bodily fluids.

First Aid Splints

When an injury affects a finger or limb, immobilization may be required to ease pain and reduce the risk of further damage until an individual can receive medical care from a health care provider. Splints can be used to limit mobility of the finger joints, and slings help make it possible to support and immobilize an arm. These types of first aid supplies often come in different sizes, making it important that you read the product descriptions carefully when selecting one to purchase.

First Aid Cold Packs

Hot and cold therapy is used for a wide range of injuries. Heat may increase blood flow to sites of injuries to ease stiffness, while cold may decrease blood flow to help reduce pain and alleviate swelling. You can purchase single-use or reusable hot and cold packs to keep in your first aid kit.

First Aid Kit Storage

Having first aid supplies on hand will be most beneficial if you can quickly locate the items that you need to respond to an accident, illness or injury. Purchasing a first aid bag, case or box will allow you to neatly store and organize your supplies. Plus, one of these storage containers helps to protect first aid supplies to ensure that they stay clean and dry until they're ready for use. First aid bags, cases and boxes come in an array of sizes with options geared toward use in homes and businesses and toward travel.

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