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Kits de primeros auxilios

When an accident or other medical emergency occurs, it's important that you're able to respond quickly. First aid kits help make it possible to administer basic care to someone who has been injured or has fallen ill. CVS can help you ensure that you're prepared for the unexpected with a diverse assortment of first aid kits for homes, businesses and travel. You can shop the selection online and have your new first aid kit shipped to your door.

Where To Keep First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is an assortment of supplies that can be used to respond to a medical emergency until professional help can arrive. Experts typically recommend keeping a first aid kit stocked in your home and storing one in your vehicle. It is also wise to carry a first aid kit to sports practices and games and when you're enjoying outdoor activities. Businesses should also keep first aid kits on hand in the event of an emergency that affects an employee or customer.

What Should Be In A First Aid Kit

Stocked first aid kits can make it simple to ensure that you're prepared to administer minor first aid as needed. These kits include an assortment of medical supplies and come packaged in a storage container like a cloth bag or a plastic box. The contents of first aid kits vary. Some of the items you might expect to find inside include dressings, bandages, first aid tape, packets of antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, over-the-counter pain relievers, scissors and disposable gloves. You can read the product descriptions to find out what's provided in all of the first aid kits featured in this selection.

First Aid Supplies

Some first aid kits are designed specifically for responding to certain types of emergencies. Wound care kits include first aid supplies that help to slow bleeding and properly dress wounds. Specialty outdoor first aid kits often include survival equipment like fire starters and compasses that can benefit you when you're exploring the great outdoors. You can also find portable medical equipment like blood pressure monitors. Specialty products can be added to an existing first aid kit or stored alongside your kit in your home, at work or in your vehicle.

First Aid Kit Use

Even if you have a first aid kit on hand, you should still seek emergency medical assistance for serious injuries. Some first aid kits include instructions to help you properly administer care in various situations. Following these directions can help to ensure best results.

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