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American Medical ID - Collar grabado plateado para mujer, premier, 20"
American Medical ID - Collar grabado plateado para mujer, premier, 20"
American Medical ID
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What Goes on A Medical ID Necklace?

The four most important pieces of information to have on your life-saving medical ID bracelet or necklace should include: • Your name • Your emergency contact • Your medical diagnosis or condition • Any allergies you may have You do not need to include your address or social security number. If you or your loved one wearing the medical ID jewelry has dementia, then their home address may be a necessary piece of information to include.

Brazaletes médicos identificativos

If your chronic medical condition requires that you receive special care from medical providers, your physician may recommend that you wear a medical identification (ID) bracelet. CVS can help you find a bracelet that appeals to your sense of style and fits comfortably. In this product selection, you'll find a diverse assortment of bracelets for men and women that can be professionally engraved with your medical information.

Who Should Wear A Medical ID Bracelet?

A medical ID bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn to notify first responders and medical providers in hospitals of an underlying medical condition. The bracelet indicates the person's medical concern or condition and may include their name, an emergency contact number and the name of the individual's physician. People with diabetes, heart conditions, allergies to medications and foods, cancer, dementia, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, vision or hearing impairment and other concerns may be advised to wear a medical ID bracelet. Organ donors and transplant recipients may also require an ID bracelet. If you're uncertain whether a medical ID bracelet is necessary for you, consult your health care provider. He or she can also give you advice about what information to include on your bracelet.

Medical ID Bracelet Engraving

Most medical ID bracelets are engravable, so that medical information can be permanently displayed on the bracelet. With some bracelets, engraving is included. In these cases, it is necessary to get in touch with the manufacturer after purchase to arrange for engraving. With other medical ID bracelets, you'll need to take the bracelet to an engraver to have the jewelry customized yourself. Some bracelets simply have paper inserts that you can self-customize. You can read the product descriptions to find out more about whether engraving is included with any of the bracelets in this assortment.

Types Of Medical ID Bracelets

Medical ID bracelets come in many designs with options that are designed especially for men or for women as well as styles that appeal to both. Medical ID bracelets are typically recognizable by the Star of Life, which also appears on the sides of most ambulances. The symbol is a six-pointed star with a snake-wrapped rod in the center.

Medical ID Bracelet Size

Size is an important consideration when shopping for medical ID bracelets. A bracelet that is too loose may fall off, and one that is too tight can cause discomfort and even interfere with circulation. To ensure a good fit, it's a good idea to measure your wrist before you begin shopping for a medical ID bracelet.

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