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Elevadores para baño

Bath lifts provide you with a safe way to get in and out of the tub without needing a transfer bench. This medical assistive device can be especially helpful for seniors, those who are physically disabled, or simply for people who have difficulty getting in and out of their bathtub safely. These products are also helpful for people who work in physically demanding jobs and may have difficulty with bending or who are coping with issues like back pain.

Bath Lifts For The Elderly

Elderly people are prone to slips and falls, particularly in the bathroom where water is often present. Bath lifts for the elderly can help make it safer to bend down comfortably while getting into the tub. Whether it's from an injury, illness, or surgery, bath lifts for the elderly can be a helpful tool that allows them to maintain their independence. It's a great option for any elderly family member who wants to age in place.

Bath Tub Lifts

Bath tub lifts aren't just for the elderly. They're also a great option for pregnant women or anyone who needs some temporary help with comfortably enjoying a relaxing bath. Many bath tub lifts are portable so they can easily be placed in the tub and removed whenever necessary. Some bath tub lifts are wall-mounted, while some are used to help transport patients to the tub, then lower them down into the water. It's a good idea to explore the different options, price points, and styles available to determine which one is right for your individual needs.

Electrical Bath Lifts

Electrical bath lifts use power to lift you in and out of the tub while reducing the risk of slips and falls. These bath lifts help you easily transfer into the tub and then lower yourself down into the bath. They also lift you back out safely, all using powered controls. It's important to make sure that you have electrical bath lifts installed correctly to prevent the risk of fire. The seat uses button controls that allow you to recline and position yourself with just one hand. Electrical bath lifts are ideal if you live alone or don't have someone to help you with bathing each day. These helpful tools make enjoying a healthy, relaxing bath much safer and a lot easier.

What are the Best Bath Lifts Brands?

How To Use A Bath Lift

A bath lift is used to mechanically lift a user down into the bottom of the bathtub. This system can safely descend and lift people into the tub who cannot safely do it independently themselves. To use it, first position yourself on the lift chair. Either a button or crank should be available to lower yourself into the bath. When you are finished bathing, a similar button or crank will raise you back up.

How Do Bath Lifts Work?

For battery-powered lift chairs, pushing a button will lower you down into the bath. A different button will raise you back up once you are finished. Crank bath lifts have a manual crank that is used to lift the chair into or out of the bath. The benefit is that no battery is necessary, however it may be a bit physically demanding to turn the crank. When purchasing a bath lift, consider the maximum achievable height and also the minimum achievable height of the lift. Lastly, make sure that the lift is able to accommodate your weight, as there are different maximum weight capacities that are available.