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What are the Best Transfer Benches Brands?

How Do You Install a Transfer Bench?

There are several different types of transfer benches available, so make sure to read the instructions on the specific model that you purchase. In general, however, a transfer bench is installed by placing one side in your bathtub and the other side on the floor next to the tub. The chair of the bench should be facing toward the faucet in your tub. Make sure that all four legs of the transfer bench are firmly on the ground so that you have a stable foundation when moving in or out of the tub or shower.

How Is A Transfer Bench Used?

Once installed, a transfer bench is quite easy to use and will help to dramatically improve the safety of your bathroom. To use it, you simply sit on the chair or bench area outside of the tub, and then slide yourself over to the tub side, carefully lifting your legs over the side of the tub. Some models will have a seat that slides over and others are just a bench that you use to scooch down into the tub. When it is time to get out, you simply do the same process in reverse.

How Do You Adjust a Transfer Bench?

Almost all transfer benches come with adjustable height legs. Adjusting the height of your bench to fit your needs will help you to remain as safe as possible and make it as easy as possible to get in and out of your tub or shower. Most transfer benches will have legs that can be adjusted in length by pressing a button and pulling or pushing the ends in or out. It is important to make sure that you adjust all four legs to be the same length so that your transfer bench is stable and does not move while using it.

How Do You Measure a Tub Transfer Bench?

There are two main measurements that you will want to take when installing a transfer bench. The first is the length. You need to make sure that the bench is long enough to fit into your tub on the one side and stick out far enough on the outside of the tub to easily sit on it. The other measurement is the height, which can typically be adjusted. The transfer bench needs to not only be tall enough to fit over the side of your bathtub, but also so that it is comfortable and easy for you to sit down and stand up from it.

Transfer Bench

It only takes a second for a fall to occur in the bathroom, leaving you or your loved one seriously injured. Every year, one out of every four people over the age of 65 suffers a fall accident, according to the CDC. Transfer benches can reduce the risk of falls for individuals with limited mobility, helping to make bathrooms safer. CVS can help you find the best transfer bench for your needs with a diverse assortment of home health care products available for you to shop online.

Transfer Bench For Shower

A transfer bench is a bathroom safety product that is intended to help people transition from a standing position to sitting in the bathroom. With a transfer bench, it can be easier for users to get into the tub or to go to the bathroom. By assisting with transferring from position to position, the benches make it less likely that users will suffer a fall accident. They also help caregivers move patients with greater ease.

Tub Transfer Benches

Bath transfer benches typically have four legs and a long seat. Two legs of the bench are placed outside of the tub, and the other two legs rest inside of the tub. Once in position, the bench helps to make it possible for a user to sit down on one end and then move over the side of the tub, so that they can bathe. To help prevent slipping, transfer benches usually have rubberized or suction cup feet. Most models have a safety rail on one side to prevent falls.

Sliding Bath Bench

There are two main types of bath tub transfer benches: stationary and pivoting. With a stationary bench, the user slides from one side of the bench to the other with or without assistance from a caregiver. A pivoting bench has a swiveling seat that eliminates the need for a user to move. Transfer benches with backrests help to support users while they bathe. Safety belts are included on some models to ensure that users do not slide off while bathing.

Toilet Transfer Bench

Transfer benches can also be beneficial for people who have difficulty reaching the bathroom to relieve themselves. Toileting transfer benches have a seat on one side and a commode on the other. The bench can be placed near the bed, so that the user can move from the bed to the edge of the bench and then to the commode.

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