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Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
Tranquility Heavy Duty Underpad 30" x 36"
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Wearever Incontinence Mattress Bed Pad with Wings, Pink
Wearever Reusable Incontinence Absorbent Mattress Bed Pad with Wings, Pink
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Bedroom Safety

If you or your loved one suffers from limited mobility or are bedridden due to a medical condition, it's important to take the design of your or their bedroom into consideration. You want the space to be as comfortable and safe as possible, and CVS can help you make the necessary improvements to ensure that the bedroom is the ideal setting for you or your loved one. This product selection includes a diverse assortment of beds and bedroom accessories designed for people who require assistance with daily living tasks.

Mattress Topper

When a person is confined to bed for long periods of time, it is vital that he or she has a comfortable place to rest. Specialty mattresses developed for home health care can provide better support while reducing pressure that can contribute to bed sores. Bolsters and cushions can be used to help individuals with limited mobility lay and sit in different positions.

Mattress Covers

To simplify cleaning in the bedroom, you can take steps to protect the mattress with home health care bedding. Anti-allergen mattress covers reduce dust mites and other allergens to help people with allergies breathe easier. Waterproof mattress covers, sheets and pads help to keep the mattress from becoming soiled in the event of an incontinence-related accident.

Bed Rails

Falling out of bed can pose a serious risk of injury for seniors and people with limited mobility. Bed rails can dramatically lower the likelihood of accidents. These home safety solutions typically fit between the mattress and box spring or platform and act as a protective barrier to keep the person using the bed on the mattress throughout the day or night. Some bed rails have storage pockets for holding reading materials, eyeglasses, medications, medical supplies and other essentials.

Bed Transfer Boards

Getting in and out of bed can be challenging for a person with limited mobility, but there are ways that you can make it easier for yourself or your loved one. By providing support, bed canes can make it easier for individuals to go from sitting up to standing. Transfer boards can help caregivers gently ease people with limited mobility into bed.

Bed Accessories

In this product selection, you'll find many other accessories for the bedroom, including trays, hampers, bed alarms and more. You can shop the entire product selection or narrow down the options by product type, concern and more.

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