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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Rollator with Large Padded Seat
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Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker Rollator with Large Padded Seat
Drive Medical
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What are the Best Bariatric Walkers Brands?

What Is The Width Of A Bariatric Walker?

Bariatric walkers and rollators can range in width, depending on what type you want to use. Here are some of the common overall width range for some of the classes of walkers and rollators:

  • Economy rollators: 24-24.5"

  • Mid-range rollators: 23-27"

  • High-end rollators: 20.2-26.2"

  • Heavy-duty rollators: 28.25-30.5"

  • Petite rollators: 24-28"

  • 3-wheel rollators: 22-26"

  • Wheeled walkers: 25.5-28"

  • Standard walkers: 21.5-26"

These numbers reflect multiple walkers and rollators in each class. The range shows the lowest and highest widths within the class.

What Is The Weight Limit Of A Bariatric Walker?

Some people may not consider that walkers have a maximum weight limit. For people who are overweight, it can be helpful to know ahead of time what the maximum weight capacity is before they commit to buying a walker or rollator. The following reflects ranges within the different classes of rollators and walkers:

  • Economy rollators: 250-300 pounds

  • Mid-range rollators: 300-400 pounds

  • High-end rollators: 285-350 pounds

  • Heavy-duty rollators: 400-500 pounds

  • Petite Rollators: 300-450 pounds

  • 3-wheel rollators: 250-300 pounds

  • Wheeled walkers: 300-500 pounds

  • Standard walkers: 300-500 pounds

Some walkers and rollators have a weight capacity of up to 700 pounds. These weight ranges show the low and high within the different classes. Before you use any piece of medical equipment, read the manufacturer's instructions for proper usage and recommendations.

Andadores bariátricos

Bariatric walkers or rollators are heavy-duty rolling walkers that include wheels to help you maneuver and walk more easily. You can find three and four-wheel model bariatric walkers as well as some accessories. This medical assistive device provides you with steady support while walking or standing. Designed to help individuals with health conditions or heavier weight, these walkers give you additional support to help you walk long distances on your own. Three-wheeled bariatric walkers are designed to help you turn tighter corners. These walkers are narrower, lightweight, and easy to fold up and store for later use. If you want something a bit larger with more stability, choose a four-wheeled bariatric walker.

Bariatric Walkers With Seats

When shopping for a new walker, consider bariatric walkers with seats. This design includes a built-in seat that you use to sit down on whenever you need a break. A walker with a seat can help you regain stability if you become dizzy or happen to lose your footing. A seat is also a convenient way to relax and rest if you're with others and need to stop, and there are no seats or benches to be found. Consider bariatric walkers with seats if you plan to walk long distances and are concerned about having the option to rest when you need to.

What Is A Bariatric Walker?

A bariatric walker is wider than a traditional walker and has an extra-sturdy frame. These walkers feature four legs that may have no wheels, two wheels, three wheels, or four wheels. The purpose of a bariatric walker is to accommodate larger individuals who might need extra support. The walker offers you more stability and balance while walking, and the special design provides you with the support you can count on if you're of a heavier weight. Check the details carefully when shopping for bariatric walkers to ensure that they will hold your weight. Some models have a maximum weight capacity of as much as 500 to 700 pounds. You can also find bariatric walkers that are extra wide or extra tall if you need something to fit your size or height. Just make sure that you choose walkers specifically labeled as bariatric to ensure that they'll provide you with the safe support you need.

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