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Drive Medical - Andador de altura ajustable con ruedas de 6"
Drive Medical - Andador de altura ajustable con ruedas de 6"
Drive Medical
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Stander Let's Shop Rollator
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What is a Rollator?

In order to use a rollator, the person utilizing it needs to push it forward while walking at the same time. The rollator helps to offer stability and balance to the user so that they don't need to worry about staying upright or supported. These unique devices can offer independent mobility for those suffering from an injury, knee problems, joint pain, or just issues with getting around in general. Because they have wheels, rollators can help people who may have limited strength, making it much easier to push the rollator forward.

What Is A Rollator Walking Frame?

Most rollators are made with an aluminum frame, a lightweight material that still maintains durability and support. Some models have three wheels, while others have four. A built-in seat is an excellent addition for those who may need to stop from time to time and take a break. Handbrakes provide the user with added safety if they ever need to stop quickly. Look for rollators with added features like storage bags or a space to store goods under the seat. This makes it much easier for the person to carry essentials like wallets, keys, and other important items hands-free so they can focus on using the rollator.

How To Use a Rollator Walker

It's important to understand how to operate and use your rollator safely to avoid falls or possible injury. Always place the rollator directly in front of you whenever you take a step. Engage the handbrake if moving downhill or you feel like you need to stop suddenly for any reason. Use the chair (if included) to take a break so you do not overreach yourself and use it any time you feel out of breath or dizzy. Always keep your rollator close to your body as you walk in order to help ensure you're getting the best, most consistent support.

How Does A Rollator Work?

A rollator is a wheeled walker. It comes in handy when an individual needs help to get around for everyday living. It has pivoting wheels on every leg and has a seat that is part of the design. Before using:

  • Make sure the rollator is set at the correct height

  • Stand close to the walker with hands on the two handles with brakes engaged

When you take your first step, the wheels will move with you to help you move with ease. It will help with balance and support while you walk. There are brakes, which work similarly to bike brakes, on the handle to stop you and keep you still when you need to stand or keep from moving. There is a seat where you can sit down and take a rest.

The rollator can fold up easily, which makes it easy to transport in a car.

What Is A Rollator Walker Used For?

A rollator walker is a mobility device that has a foldable frame connected to four wheels. There are handlebars for holding and a seat that allows you to sit down.

Rollator walkers can also be used for those individuals who:

  • Can walk but need balance assistance while walking

  • Get tired easily and need frequent rests

  • Have arms too weak for traditional walkers

  • Are frail or lack upper body strength