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What are walkers and rollators?

Walkers y rollators are great options for you or a loved one experiencing difficulty with walking or moving without assistance. The use of a walker or rollator may help regain the feeling of independence and confidence in one's daily life while lowering the fear of losing balance and falling.

Walkers and rollators are tools designed for people who acquire assistance with mobility or balancing and can provide additional support when walking. The design of both walkers and rollators are very similar in that they both are built with a lightweight metal frame and are measured waist high to the user. Most modern walkers and rollators are height adjustable to meet the needs of a wider range of people.

The main differences between a walker and a rollator are that rollators have wheels attached to each leg and are equipped with hand breaks to stop forward movement.

Types of Walkers

Choosing a walker or rollator that will best fit your needs or the needs of your loved ones can be a difficult decision. At CVS Pharmacy, we carry a wide selection of walkers and rollators that can match the person's body type and movement needs such as foldable walkers, bariatric walkers, three-wheeled rollators, four-wheeled rollators, and pediatric rollators.

For people who use walkers or rollators, CVS Pharmacy also offers a variety of walker accessories that can attach to the front or sides of the frame to add storage capabilities, increase height, or further customize the mobility aid. Walker and rollator accessories include cup holders, walker baskets, rubber glides, walker balls, oxygen holders, and spare attachments.

For additional information about choosing the right mobility aid, visit your nearest CVS Pharmacy location or consult with your physician to learn more about what options are available.