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Intimina Laselle Routine Set 28 g, 38 g, 48 g

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Intimina Laselle Routine Set 28 g, 38 g, 48 g
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Laselle Kegel Exercise Routine is perfect for easily and effectively strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This complete training kit includes 3 Kegel exercisers of progressive weights, which can be used individually or combined to effectively build pelvic floor strength and tone. Discreet and completely body-safe, the exerciser enables you to achieve the correct technique of lifting upwards and squeezing. The weighted resistance offers a more effective workout that, with regular use, builds strength and tone. Strong pelvic floor muscles deliver amazing benefits such as maintaining and improving vaginal tightness and enhancing your sensations during intimacy


Made of 100% body-safe phthalate-free silicone and ABS plastic. Bacteria-resistant retraction cords.
Your how to use guide Choose Select an exerciser or exerciser combination that you find comfortable. Don't be scared - it's just a workout! Insert Keeping the retraction cord outside the body, insert the exerciser(s) into the vagina with a firm but gentle push, using some water-based lubricant for added comfort. You will be able to feel its weight, but it shouldn't hurt. Placement The exerciser(s) should be positioned about 2 cm / 1 in. inside the vagina. By that, you'll know they're in the right place. The only thing left to do is - squeeze!


Consult a doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, do not use with other silicone products
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