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Medline Bathtub Safety Grab Bar with Handle Clamps

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Medline Bathtub Safety Grab Bar with Handle Clamps

1 c/u, 5 lb. N.º de artículo 385903

Elegible para HSA/FSA

Medline Bathtub Grab Bar has a step-through clamp on design that provides unobstructed entry and exit path for better hand positioning to assit Bath tub rail provides stability getting in and out of the tub

Great for elderly, seniors or after surgery Stainless steel components with rubber-lined pads protect walls of bath tub Safety handle adjust to fit tubs 2.75 - 6.25 inches Bathtub assist rail features tool-free installation

Tipo de productoGrab bars

Assembly Instructions

  1. Open the clamp by turning the adjustment knob counter-clockwise.
  2. Place the clamp over the sidewall of the tub with adjustment knob positioned on the out-side of tub and secure tightly by turning adjustment knob clockwise. Improper installation can cause injury when exiting the tub.

Use Instructions: order to assure the user maintains their balance when using the tub grab bar, always test for stability by vigorously attempting to lift and move unit sideways. If unit is clamped correctly, it should be extremely stable and rigid, even when substantial forces are applied.

2. If the grab bar becomes wet/soapy it may become slippery.

3. The tub's grab bar knob protrudes away from the tub. When entering or leaving the tub, use care to avoid injury from the protruding knob.


The bath tub wall, both inside and out, should be clean of soap or waxy residues and free of any obstructions. This is essential if the clamping action is to work correctly. Ensure all surfaces and clamping pads are dry and free of soapy residue. Clean and dry before each installation. On certain types of tub surfaces (i.e. fiberglass or thin steel tubs), use extreme care not to over tighten the knob. If the knob is over tightened, the clamp may crack the tub. The flat surface of the base of the tub grab bar should rest directly on the top of the tub wall. If a shower doortrack interferes with this contact, the unit should not be installed.

√ Check the tub grab bar for tightness and stability before each use.

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