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one+other Flexible Cotton Swabs, 200 ct

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one+other Flexible Cotton Swabs, 200 ct
1000 u., 1.5 lb. N.° de artículo 350770
  • Flexible for greater control
  • 200 swabs per container
  • Soft-tipped cotton
  • Great for makeup application or removal
  • Lint free

Hi! We're one+other&trade (or "one another"). Our self-care essentials are simply fun to mix+match. Because everyone deserves to feel good like her, him, them and especially you.

Cotton swabs are an essential item for your household. They can be used to apply or remove makeup, clean out wounds, make arts and crafts, and much more. If you need a great quality swab at a very affordable price, consider these one+other&trade Flexible Cotton Swabs. They will meet all your daily needs no matter what you are using them for, and they will never break your budget.

The end of each of these swabs is made with 100% cotton to ensure you are getting the most absorbent and softest swab possible. The center stick is designed to be flexible so you can have greater precision when using the swabs. They are also lint free, so you won't be leaving anything behind when you use them. These swabs are commonly used to clean the outer area of the ear. They should not be used to enter the ear canal as they could cause damage to the eardrum if inserted improperly.

Purchase these one+other&trade Flexible Cotton Swabs at your local CVS Pharmacy, or order them online at to have them delivered right to your door. You can stock up on these great cotton swabs to ensure you will always have them when you need them, no matter what you happen to use them for. Don't sacrifice on the quality of your cotton swabs, but also make sure you are paying the best price around by shopping with CVS.

Tipo de productoCotton swabs
Cantidad200+ ct

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  • Applying makeup
  • Correcting makeup & nail polish smudges
  • Cleaning small areas around the home & office
  • Adding extra fun to crafts & activities


CAUTION: Do not enter ear canal. Use only as directed, Entering the ear canal could cause injury Keep out of reach of children.

To clean ears, stroke swab gently around the outer surfaces of the ear.

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