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Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy Hip Pad, Right

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Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy Hip Pad, Right
1 C/U, 0.5 lb. N.° de artículo: 167003

This Ossur Cold Rush Right Hip Pad is to be used with the Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy Devices. This hip pad can be used to provide cold therapy to aid in reduction of pain and swelling following a surgery or injury. The hip pad can be used on the right hip to provide cold therapy. The pad is designed to fit under most post operative bracing systems. This hip pad reduces tenderness, pain, swelling, inflammation and discomfort by providing cold therapy right to the injury. Provide pain relief and reduce swelling with this Ossur Cold Rush Right Hip Pad.

• Easily Attaches to Ossur Cold Rush Devices

• Delivers Cold Therapy for Up to 4-6 Hours

• Helps Reduce Pain and Swelling After Surgery or Injury

• Leak Free With Two Male Connectors With Stoppers

• Includes Right Hip Pad, Hose Connectors and Elastic Straps

ProblemaAlivio del dolor
CaracterísticasAdjustable straps
Tipo de productoHot & cold therapy
SíntomaNo corresponde

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Includes the Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy Right Hip Pad, hose connectors, that are compatible with the Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy Device and elastic straps to secure the right hip pad in place. Instructions included



1. Do NOT plug unit into wall socket until steps 2–7 are completed.

2. Fill reservoir with water to the indicated fill line. Warning: water level should not exceed the reference mark on the sticker inside the bucket to avoid risk of overflow when closing the cover.

3. Add chopped or cubed ice to the reservoir up to the indicated fill line. Warning: Make sure the ice level does not exceed the reference mark on the sticker. Failure to comply will cause device overflow when closing the lid.

4. Close the reservoir. With handle in the open position, press lid firmly onto unit making certain that the lid is in full contact with the vessel and the seal is engaged, then pull handle into the locked position.

5. Attach the provided 12V power supply to DC power port, but do not plug into wall.

6. Apply insulation barrier (not included) over the patient’s skin in the area to be treated.

7. Connect Cold Rush pad to hose extending from the device. To ensure proper connection, push couplings together until they snap into place.

8. Apply Cold Rush Pad over insulation barrier. The Cold Rush Pad should never be applied directly over the patient's skin.

9. Plug the provided 12V power supply to wall socket.

10. To turn off the cold therapy device, unplug the power supply unit from wall socket.

11. Always turn the cold therapy device off before disconnecting the Cold Rush Pad or any hoses. To disconnect the hoses, press the release tabs on the coupling and pull the connectors apart.

12. To open lid, press handle down to disengage lid seal, then lift to remove.

13. Drain all of the water out of the cold therapy device after each use.

14. Follow directions 2–8 before each use.


Before you use any product for health care, we advise that you consult your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.