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Vanilla Deodorant

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Vanilla Deodorant 

If you're craving an effective formula that helps neutralize odor and wetness, consider adding vanilla deodorant to your medicine cabinet. Combining a refreshing scent with up to 48 hours of odor protection, it can help keep your underarms clean and dry wherever the day takes you. 

What are the Best Vanilla Deodorant Brands?

What Is the Best Vanilla-Scented Deodorant?

Seeking the aroma of fresh vanilla? If you want a fresh-smelling deodorant that helps wipe out odor and sweat, check out one of these formula favorites:

  • Old Spice Men's Vanilla Deodorant: Inspired by nature, this light, refreshing scent with vanilla notes helps keep underarms covered in fresh fragrance for up to 48 hours. It may guard against odor without aluminum, helping underarms stay dry without irritation. 

  • Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men, Oasis With Vanilla Notes: This formula does double-duty by helping guard against sweat and odor-causing bacteria. It combines the comforting scent of vanilla with fruity berries for an enticing aroma that helps keep your underarms sweat-free.

  • Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Stick - Rose and Vanilla: This Ecocert-certified natural deodorant is also certified by Leaping Bunny and Vegan Action. The earth-friendly formula helps neutralize odor while moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, lavender oil, jasmine oil and shea moisture butter nourish underarms. 

  • Dove Deodorant Stick 0% Aluminum 48-Hour - Lavender and Vanilla: This aluminum-free deodorant is enriched with the calming scent of vanilla and lavender. It can help smooth underarms and guard against odor for up to 48 hours and is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

How To Use Vanilla Deodorant

Vanilla deodorant, or a desodorante of any scent, is best applied after a shower or bath when your skin is clean. Apply deodorant to your armpits after cleaning and drying them.

If you have long, busy days or are prone to sweat, carry the vanilla-scented deodorant with you. Baby wipes or a soft cloth might be useful to quickly clean your armpits before reapplying the deodorant.

CVS has different types of vanilla deodorants, including clinical strength deodorants. If coupled with proper hygiene practices and application, a vanilla deodorant may reduce your body odor and boost your confidence as you go about your day. 

How to Apply Vanilla Deodorant

Applying desodorante effectively involves more than just wiping your underarms. Follow these tips to help maximize your chosen formula's odor control benefits:

  • The Angle Is Important. Ensure that your entire underarm area receives an even layer of product to help thoroughly coat and protect it. For some users, this might require applying some pressure so your vanilla deodorant can get through the hair and onto the skin.  

  • Know When to Apply. While you can apply deodorant whenever you wish, it's most effective when used daily after your morning shower, and it should be reapplied after every bath or shower.  

  • The Clicks Count. If you're using a standard stick deodorant formula, application should be tailored around your personal needs and preferences. Generally, however, each person requires about two to three clicks of the applicator wheel under each underarm to effectively coat them with product. 

  • Get Rid of Residue. If you frequently notice residue or white marks left behind on your clothing, you're probably using too much product. Apply deodorant daily in the morning and after every bath or shower, and apply antiperspirant/deodorant at night to help combat sweat while you sleep.