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CVS Health - Removedor de callos antideslizante
CVS Health - Removedor de callos antideslizante
CVS Health
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Beauty 360 Salon Elegant - Set para uñas
Beauty 360 Salon Elegant - Set para uñas
Beauty 360
$9.49 / c/u.
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Foot Grooming Tools

Attractive, soft feet and perfectly pedicured nails don't happen on their own. If you want your feet to feel and look their best, you need to practice proper foot care at home. CVS can help you get started with or continue on a foot care regimen with a diverse assortment of grooming implements designed specifically for the feet. You can check out all of the tools and devices currently available and conveniently make a purchase online.

Pedicure Tools

Dead skin often accumulates on the feet, leading to roughness, thickness of the skin and flakiness. Exfoliating allows you to gently lift away the dead tissue to reveal the fresher, softer skin beneath. There are a number of tools available for foot exfoliation, including pumice stones y foot files. To use these products, you simply rub the head over your foot to create friction.

Electric Pedicure Tools

If you're looking for a simple way to exfoliate your feet, battery operated foot exfoliators are an excellent solution. Like manual files and pumice stones, these tools remove dead skin by creating friction. The difference is that these devices move on their own. Using the power of one or more batteries, the tools rotate or spin, eliminating the need for you to rub. Some battery-operated exfoliators have replaceable heads that allow them to continue to work like new over time.

Toe Nail Clippers

Trimming your toenails regularly is important for both your appearance and the health of your feet. If your toenails are not regularly cut, they can begin to cause pain or become ingrown. Because toenails are often thicker than fingernails, many people require specialty clippers for cutting. You can purchase toenail clippers on their own and in kits along with other foot care tools.

Foot Brush

To keep your feet smelling and feeling fresh, you need to cleanse them regularly. A foot brush can enhance your cleansing ritual by helping your body wash or soap lather more fully. Plus, the bristles create friction against the skin, providing a gentle exfoliating action.

Foot Health

If you suffer from a foot care condition, it's important that you talk to your medical provider about grooming implements. Your health care provider can recommend the best tools for your needs and provide other advice about minimizing symptoms of the condition. To ensure safety and get the best results, only use grooming implements according to the manufacturer's instructions unless a medical professional gives you other advice.


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