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Picnic Saline Nasal Moisturizing Spray, 1.5 OZ


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Picnic Saline Nasal Moisturizing Spray, 1.5 OZ
1.50 oz, 0.15 lb. N.º de artículo 439910

A natural remedy, saline nasal spray adds moisture to help loosen mucus and remove pollen and other allergens from your nasal passages.

  • Thins mucus
  • Reduces post-nasal drip
  • Cleanses nasal passages of debris
  • Keeps nasal passages moisturized

How it works: Saline nasal spray can help remove pollen from the nasal lining by cleansing the nose. It helps thin mucus, giving you less post-nasal drip, and cleanses your nasal passages.

Allergist advice: Saline nasal sprays are a good complement to nasal steroids. Not only do they help rid the nose of mucus and debris, they’ll also help keep your nasal passages moisturized.

—Dr. Amina Abdeldaim, MD MPH

Director médico @PicnicAllergy

Cantidad1-20 oz


Active ingredients: N/A
Inactive ingredients: Purified water, sodium chloride 0.65%, disodium phosphate, phenylcarbinol, monosodium phosphate, benzalkonium chloride


Take twice daily as needed to relieve nasal dryness.

  1. Gently blow your nose before applying, to clear out your nasal passages.
  2. Remove the cap and prime the bottle by shaking it and spraying a few pumps into the air until a fine mist comes out.
  3. Press one nostril closed with your finger and place the tip of the nasal spray bottle in the other nostril.
  4. Aim the tip toward the back of your nose.
  5. Gently press or squeeze the bottle and inhale lightly with your mouth closed.
  6. Repeat from step one in the other nostril.
After replacing the bottle cap, make sure to wash your hands. You can keep a tissue handy to hold under your nostrils in case you experience some running, but don't blow your nose for at least 10 minutes after inhalation.

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Picnic Saline Nasal Moisturizing Spray, 1.5 OZ