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Polar Seltzer Original Sparkling Water, 1L Bottle


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Polar Seltzer Original Sparkling Water, 1L Bottle
33.80 EA, 2.5 lbs. Item # 182726

Just water, bubbles & great taste.

Why be flat when you can sparkle? Enjoy naturally calorie-free refreshment made with nothing but water, bubbles and natural fruit essence.

Family Made Since 1882 - Not much has changed in the past 135 years. Well, except Polar Seltzer now crafts over 19 different varietals, and we no longer deliver by horse and carriage.

  • Naturally calorie-free
  • No sugar, no sweeteners, no sodium, no carbs
  • Gluten free, vegan & kosher
ProblemaSin gluten
Sabor principalSin sabor
Tipo de productoAgua
Cantidad21-40 oz


carbonated water, natural flavors

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