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Urocare Products Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive 3 OZ


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Urocare Products Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive 3 OZ
3 oz, 0.42 lb. N.° de artículo: 548535

Elegible para HSA/FSA

Uro-Bond brush-on silicone adhesives are pressure-sensitive silicone adhesives specifically formulated for unique bonding applications and are suitable for adhering non-permanent material to the body surface.

Features include the retention of adhesive qualities in the presence of moisture or perspiration, their adhesive properties are unaffected by normal temperature variations or time and they adhere to many surfaces such as: skin, metals, glass, paper, fabric, plastics, silicone, organic rubber products, etc.

Possible applications for Uro-Bond adhesives might include, but are not limited to: adhering dressings, prosthetics and metal or plastic devices to the body. Securing male external urinary catheters, adhering colostomy, ileostomy and tracheostomy devices, attaching electrodes to the skin for patient monitoring, affixing surgical dressings and pads to the skin and adhering maxillo-facial prosthetic devices.

  • Large.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Sin látex.
  • Flammable, highly-evaporative.
  • Brush attached to cap.
  • Close cap securely to minimize evaporation.
  • Silicone based: for best biocompatibility.
  • Completely Transparent: Great feature for facial prosthetics, tracheostomies and toupees.
  • Adheres to many surfaces: including other Silicones.
  • Water and perspiration resistant: It retains it's adhesive qualities even under water.
  • Brush adhesive just where you need it: No messy sprays which get adhesive everywhere
  • Brush adhesive just where you need it: No messy sprays which get adhesive everywhere

Este artículo es elegible para FSA (cuenta de gastos flexible).

ProblemaPara hospitales
Tipo de productoAdhesivos


Since Uro-Bond III is supplied as an 50% silicone solids solution in a ethyl acetate solution, it is normally used as supplied. It is applied with the brush attached to the underside of the cap.

To obtain the maximum adhesion capability of Uro-Bond III, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned prior to application and allowed to dry thoroughly before contact is made.

The adhesive should be applied liberally to both surfaces which are to be adhered; additional coats of adhesive may increase adhesion.


To remove Uro-Bond III from the body surface, use Urocare Adhesive Remover Pads ( 5600) or another medical tape and adhesive remover. Do not use Uro-Bond Thinner as an adhesive remover; it is strictly intended for use as a thinning agent only! To remove Uro-Bond III from surfaces other than the body surface (skin), use one of the following removers or solvents: isopropylalcohol (rubbing alcohol), ethyl alcohol, toluene, xylene, hexane or ethyl acetate; however, it should be noted that these removers or solvents may cause skin irritation and are highly flammable. They may also deteriorate certain surfaces, for example: certain types of plastics, and should be used accordingly.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to thoroughly test the use of any remover or solvent to determine suitability of use. Liberally apply the appropriate remover to a cloth or gauze pad and wipe the surface clean.


  • Extremely flammable.
  • Liquid and vapors may ignite.
  • Do not use when smoking.
  • Do not use or store near fire, flame, heat, electric sparks or any other source of ignition.
  • Usar solo como se indica.
  • Keep out of eyes.

In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water, remove any contact lenses and continue to flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Contact physician. Harmful if ingested. Do not inhale or permit adhesive to enter stoma or open wounds.

In case of accidental ingestion, give fluids liberally and consult with local POISON CONTROL CENTER. If redness, swelling or rash appears near area of use, discontinue use. Contact Physician. Harmful to synthetic fabrics, wood finishes and some plastics.

Mantener fuera del alcance de los niños.

When stored in its original unopened container at or below 72 F (22 C), Uro-Bond III has a shelf life of Two (2) years from the date of manufacture.

If product thickens during storage, Urocare recommends the use of Uro-Bond Thinner ( 501003) to return Uro-Bond III to the desired consistency. Do not leave Jar open for prolonged periods of time-close cap securely immediately after application.

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Urocare Products Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive 3 OZ

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