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Today, there are thousands of supplements that are commonly taken to promote health and well-being. With a huge selection of supplements, CVS can help you find the right product to meet your specific needs. You can explore this entire selection of other supplements or narrow down the options to focus on supplements with the characteristics you desire.

Why Do People Use Supplements?

Dietary supplements are taken for a number of reasons. Some people rely on supplements because they prefer to take a different approach to their health and wish to avoid taking medications whenever possible. Other people may be unable to use conventional treatments du e to side effects. Often, medical professionals recommend that supplements be used along with traditional interventions like lifestyle changes and prescription drugs.

Combination vs. Standalone Supplements

In this selection of dietary supplements, you'll find two main types of products: standalone supplements and combination supplements. Standalone supplements contain just one ingredient, such as an herb, a nutrient or a substance naturally produced by the body. Combination supplements contain two or more key ingredients that are believed to complement one another's actions. You can read the product names and descriptions to find out what each supplement in this assortment contains.

Finding the Right Supplement

If you're shopping for a supplement for a specific medical concern, you can begin your search by filtering the product selection by health goals. Once you have focused on the products that may be beneficial for you, consider the ingredient or ingredients that they contain and their strengths. The strength of a supplement tells you how much of the key ingredients is provided by a single serving. Depending on the type of supplement, you may have your choice of forms. Supplements are offered as tablets, capsules, caplets, liquids, powders, soft gels, chewables, drops, gummies and other forms. Those with special dietary concerns can find vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free and sugar free supplements in this product selection.

Ensuring Best Results

Like medications, dietary supplements have the potential to cause drug interactions, allergic reactions and side effects in some people. In order to ensure your safety, talk to your health care provider before adding any supplement to your diet. Your medical provider can discuss the benefits and any possible risks of supplements with you and give you advice about which product to choose. To get the most out of any dietary supplement, use it only as directed by the manufacturer or a medical professional.

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