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What is Vitamin E Good For?

Every day, your body requires 13 essential vitamins to function at its best. Vitamin E is one of these key nutrients and is needed for a number of important tasks. If you're not getting enough vitamin E from diet alone or require more due to a medical condition or illness, vitamin E supplements may help. At CVS, you'll find a huge selection of vitamin E supplements in an array of strengths and forms to meet your needs.

What Does Vitamin E Do?

Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, a protector against free radical damage caused by pollutants and the sun's ultraviolet energy. Your immune system also needs vitamin E to fight germs that cause illness. In addition, vitamin E plays a role in skin healing and supports healthy circulation. The nutrient is found in vegetable oils, nuts and green vegetables and is added to breakfast cereal, fruit juices and other foods. Unfortunately, many people do not get enough of the nutrient from diet alone and may be mildly deficient. People with digestive disorders and cystic fibrosis and those on low-fat diets are at an increased risk for vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E Benefits

Some people take vitamin E for reasons other than addressing deficiencies. Due to its antioxidant actions, the nutrient is sometimes used to promote heart health, may help to reduce the risk of cancer and to help support healthy vision. Additionally, vitamin E is sometimes recommended as a complementary intervention for individuals with Alzheimer's disease because of its circulatory benefits. There is not enough evidence to prove that oral supplements are beneficial for managing or preventing any medical condition at this time.

Vitamin E Oil for Skin

Oral supplements aren't the only way to benefit from vitamin E. The nutrient is also offered in oil form for topical use. People apply vitamin E oil for anti-aging skin care and to support healing in areas prone to irritation. In addition, vitamin E oil is sometimes used as a moisturizer to condition and soften the skin.

Getting Best Results With Vitamin E

Excessive intake of vitamin E can pose a risk for side effects and other problems. To protect yourself, be sure to talk to your medical provider before adding a vitamin E supplement to your diet or skin care routine. A health-care professional can let you know how much vitamin E you should use daily and give you other tips to ensure best results. Once you receive your supplement, read the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer and follow them carefully unless otherwise directed by your medical provider.


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