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Reseñas de clínicas en Fairfax Station

Calificación promedio de clientes para 9009 Silverbrook Road, Fairfax Station VA, 22039: 4.9 (39 calificaciones)
28 de noviembre de 2022
"Excellent NP. Very kind and explained everything in detail. Will be back!"
17 de octubre de 2022
"The NP was both warm and professional. Her obvious knowledge was evident and she was thorough in both the exam and in all explanations."
19 de septiembre de 2022
"[...] was great! Empathetic!"
24 de agosto de 2022
"wonderful NP"
10 de julio de 2022
Nurse practitioner went out of her way to provide me with the service I needed. I really appreciated her care and consideration.
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Calificación promedio de clientes para 8330 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield VA, 22152: 3.9 (70 calificaciones)
27 de enero de 2023
I had a very positive experience at this clinic. The nurse practitioner was friendly and quick. And the doctor was kind and thorough. I felt like they cared about me. I didn't have to wait much at all. I'll definitely go back if I need to!
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16 de noviembre de 2022
"Staff is very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I actually enjoy my visits! And the online scheduling system is fantastic. "
14 de noviembre de 2022
"She was very patient and pleasant. :-)"
7 de noviembre de 2022
"I continue to choose this particular Minute Clinic not only because of the convenience and cleanliness, but because the practitioner is so wonderful! He is always so kind and easy-going. All my children and I love being in his care."
4 de noviembre de 2022
"Our provider was great and responsive to our questions. "
Calificación promedio de clientes para 10301 New Guinea Rd, Fairfax VA, 22032: 3.8 (26 calificaciones)
8 de noviembre de 2022
"The practitioner was very thorough, professional, and kind. Thanks so much!"
30 de octubre de 2022
"thank you to the kind NPs who helped in a quick and compassionate manner! "
27 de agosto de 2022
"NP was wonderful. I was seen over an hour after my appointment time. It would help if she had a receptionist to update patients on delays."
8 de agosto de 2022
"Excellent care.thanks "
26 de julio de 2022
"The Practitioner was professional, knowledgeable, amiable, calm, methodical, and patient regarding the examination and assessment of my health issue. She clearly explained the purpose and value of the prescribed medications, and went above and beyond by calling a few CVS pharmacies that were convenient to me. She did an incredible job while dealing with both the Target and Minute Clinic computer systems being down. I was impressed and grateful for the care I received."
Calificación promedio de clientes para 3921 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax VA, 22031: 4.4 (47 calificaciones)
2 de diciembre de 2022
"NP is wonderful, she listens and gives valuable input"
10 de noviembre de 2022
"Clinician did her job effortlessly and she did not give me any pain when she performed vaccination injection into my arm."
8 de noviembre de 2022
"great experience, easy to schedule, quick to be seen"
1 de noviembre de 2022
"[...] (spelling?) is a fantastic NP who I have seen at my local Minute Clinic a couple times now. She is patient, calm and thorough. The nurses at the clinic are also very warm and make the experience comfortable. This clinic is my first choice when I need to be seen soon and for mild illnesses."
27 de octubre de 2022
"Good personal interest."

CVS Walk-In Clinics near Fairfax Station, Virginia

MinuteClinics® in Fairfax Station

It's easy to find a walk-in clinic in Fairfax Station. There are 33 MinuteClinics® near the city, so you don't have to travel far to get examined. Whether you are in the center of the city, out in the suburbs, enrolled at George Mason University, or stationed at Fort Belvoir, safe, in-person care is nearby.Our MinuteClinics® near Fairfax Station help you recover from minor injuries such as bug bites and splinters and minor illnesses such as styes and ear infections. Book an in-person appointment, or if you're not feeling healthy enough to make it to the clinic, telehealth appointments are also available. Convenient and less expensive than a trip to Urgent Care in Fairfax Station or a stay at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, MinuteClinic® is committed to your health.

Walk-in Clinics in Fairfax Station

Going outside and enjoying Burke Lake Park Campground Store is something the people of Fairfax Station are known to do, but such adventures can have consequences, from bug bites to achy blisters. A CVS walk-in clinic near Fairfax Station, Virginia can help you treat such injuries and get you back to rooting for your favorite team at PWC Stadium Complex.There's more to health and wellness than simply recovering from minor illnesses and injuries. Our Fairfax Station walk-in clinics are providers of immunizations, physicals, wellness checks, and more.

Fairfax Station MinuteClinic® Services

Book an appointment or come in to a MinuteClinic® and take advantage of these services:

  • MinuteClinic® practitioners can develop treatment plans and check symptoms for a variety of illnesses, like strep throat, sinus infection, mono, and more.
  • If you experience a minor injury, MinuteClinic® can help. We provide staple removal, minor burn treatment, bug bite treatment, tick bite treatment, and more to help get you feeling better.
  • Get tests to learn important health stats, like BMI and blood pressure. Find help managing chronic conditions by receiving diabetes monitoring, cholesterol screening, A1C test, and other treatment.
  • Find help relieving dry, itchy skin, and assorted minor skin issues, such as sunburn treatment, poison ivy treatment, rosacea treatment, and more from a visit to a Fairfax Station clinic.
  • As you get ready for your next trip, get help finding out all that you need to know and do by receiving a pre-travel consultation. A CVS walk-in clinic in Fairfax Station offers typhoid prevention, malaria prevention, and traveler's diarrhea prevention to help you stay healthy on your travels.
  • CVS has a range of inoculations for the entire family-from adults to children. Sought-after shots including the tetanus vaccine, pneumonia shot, and meningitis vaccination are readily available.
  • Get help optimizing your well-being and getting ready for college, sports leagues, and jobs with COVID-19 antibody testing, camp physicals, DOT physicals, ear wax removal, and more.
  • Women's services, such as gonorrhea treatment, yeast infection treatment, HPV treatment, and others, are available at a MinuteClinic® near Fairfax Station.

CVS has 33 MinuteClinic® locations in the Fairfax Station area, so you won't have to go far to get checkups and diagnoses, immunizations, or help with treating illnesses or injuries. Visit our Fairfax Station walk-in clinics for professional attention.

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